Garbage Disposal definition

Garbage Disposal means the collection of garbage under the provisions of this bylaw.
Garbage Disposal means a device that shreds or grinds up food waste materials into smaller portions for discharge into the wastewater collection system.
Garbage Disposal. All garbage should be bagged and deposited in the dumpster located adjacent to the exit of the property.

Examples of Garbage Disposal in a sentence

  • The 25% discount continues after the effective date and throughout the Agreement’s term only 1) for customers of the Appliance Only option of the SHS HW Program towards applicable HVAC, Water Heater, Water Softener, Garbage Disposal and Garage Door Opener related services, and 2) for customers of the Systems Only or the HVAC Only option of the SHS HW Program, towards Appliance related services.

  • Garbage Disposal, Pot fillers, Whirlpool, Sauna, steam unit, Jacuzzi, hot tub, or any similar motorized bathtubs or steam shower are not permitted.

  • Garbage Disposal Put all grease, pasta, rice, eggshells, coffee grounds, fruit pits, bones, banana peels, and meat scraps in your garbage can, not the disposal.

  • Private haulers and their commercial customers have competitively negotiated service charges in an open- market, except in Garbage Disposal Districts and residential franchise areas, where the haulers contract with County to provide solid waste management services.

  • County Code Chapter 20.70 authorizes the Director to require franchises in any part of the unincorporated territory of the County that is not served by a Garbage Disposal District.

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Garbage Disposal includes one garbage disposal in your primary kitchen. Does not include: stoppers or splash guards. Plumbing Stoppages: includes rod or auger service to clear standing water in the Inside Sewer Line. Does not include: camera inspections. Sump Pump: includes one permanently installed, primary electric sump pump that removes groundwater within the perimeter of the foundation of your home. Does not include: battery backup pumps; or water-powered pumps. Toilet: includes one standard toilet in each of your bathrooms. Does not include: toilet tank or toilet bowl. Trash Compactor: includes one trash compactor in your primary kitchen. OPTIONAL PROTECTIONS (only available with Total Home+) Limited Roof Leak: includes tar-and-gravel, tile, shingle, shake, and composition roofs over occupied living areas that are in good, water-tight condition when protection begins. Does not include: water damage; metal roofs; balconies or decks serving as roofs; roof mounted installations; flashing; skylights; patio covers; gutters; drains; downspouts; scuppers; chimneys; or roof leaks caused by ice, failure to perform standard maintenance, improper construction or repair, or missing or broken materials. If any replacement of the roof is necessary, then we will pay the estimated cost to repair only the leaking area to which no exclusions apply. Pool and/or Hot Tub System: includes the components of one accessible, above ground heating, pumping, and filtration system, regardless of whether it serves an inground pool, an inground hot tub, or both. The pool and/or hot tub must be able to fill with water to qualify for protection. Does not include: salt water systems; indoor pools; above-ground pools; portable or above-ground hot tubs; access to pool or hot tub equipment; lighting; liners; structural problems or defects; solar equipment; jets; ornamental fountains; waterfalls or any other water features or their pumping systems; covers or related equipment or accessories; fill lines or fill valves; cleaning equipment, such as pool sweeps, pop-up heads, turbo valves, skimmers, chlorinators, ionizers, or other water chemistry control equipment or materials; fuel storage tanks; disposable filtration media; heat pumps; multi-media centers; or dehumidifiers. Well and Septic: includes one well pump that is used as the primary source of water to your home; one water conditioning (softener) system; and one septic system to include one sewage ejector pump, one aerobic pump, unclogging one sewer...
Garbage Disposal means a device that shreds or grinds up food waste materials into smaller portions for discharge into the Public Sewer System.
Garbage Disposal. Before turning on your disposal, make sure you have cold water running into the sink. Please keep in mind that your disposal is designed for food only. Never use to grind bones, egg shells, coffee grounds or other non-food items. Residents will be charged for costs due to drain clogs due to misuse.
Garbage Disposal means a device which shreds or grinds up food and putrescible waste materials into smaller portions for discharge into the City’s wastewater collection system.
Garbage Disposal. All parts and components except resets. Microwave Oven (Built-in only): All parts and components, except: knobs, racks, rotisserie, removable trays, lights, handles, range vents, and meat probe assemblies.
Garbage Disposal means a device which shreds or grinds up waste materials into smaller portions for discharge into the city’s sanitary sewer system.
Garbage Disposal. It is illegal to dispose of any garbage in Xxxxxx City’s lagoon. An enclosed receptacle for trash is required to be on board the vessel(s) at all times. CONCESSIONAIRE will be ultimately responsible for proper disposal of recyclable and non-recyclable items. Concession staff is permitted to impose an extra cleanup charge to renters if additional maintenance is required. • Alcoholic Beverages: Alcohol use on the rental boat will be allowed. Operating the vessel under the influence of alcohol (.08% blood alcohol concentration and over) or other drugs is strictly prohibited. Smoking on the vessel is also prohibited per Xxxxxx City Municipal Code Section 8.05.030 (R). • Passenger Loading and Unloading: The renter and cruise passengers may embark and disembark only at Xxx Xxxx Park at tie-ups near the Xxxxxx City Recreation Center, at renter’s private property, or at the CONCESSIONAIRE’s facility at Boat Park once construction is complete and a certificate of occupancy has been issued by the Xxxxxx City Community Development Department. • Proposed Waterway Route: Renters must cruise primarily on the wide water, maintaining 25 feet distance from all private property bulkheads. Vessels may not operate in the smaller side channels, except to access renter’s private property, or under the Highway 92 bridge. • Docking: Docking is permitted only at public docks: Xxxx Park, Boat Park, Marlin Cove Floating Dock, Catamaran Park, and Edgewater Place. Vessels may not dock at any private dock or seawall except those owned or leased by the renter. Concessionaire shall provide lagoon maps that include marked non-transit zones for each renter. • Boat Identification: Rental boats are required to bear CONCESSIONAIRE’s company name and phone number in a visible exterior area of the boat. Each rental boat will also have assigned CF Numbers visible on the outside of the boat. This will allow for the easy tracking and identification of all rental boats that are accessing the lagoon. • Community Involvement: Under the supervision of the Department of Parks and Recreation, CONCESSIONAIRE will coordinate a boating safety program to be provided as part of the department class curriculum. CONCESSIONAIRE will also donate 6 hours of rental time to the Xxxxxx City Foundation to be used as raffle prizes at charity events. • Noise Control: Per Xxxxxx City Municipal Code Section 17.68.030 (B), music and/or conversation shall not exceed 60 decibels.