Agency Relationship Sample Clauses

Agency Relationship. Nothing herein shall be construed as constituting the Sub-Advisor as an agent of the Trust or the Fund, except as otherwise contemplated herein.
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Agency Relationship. The Town is authorized to act on behalf of the Eligible Consumers in contracting for electric supply for such Eligible Consumers, and is authorized to act as agent for all Participating Consumers. The Town and Competitive Supplier agree and understand that Participating Consumers shall be principals under this ESA and shall have privity of contract with Competitive Supplier; provided, however, that in any litigation arising under this ESA, only the Town, as agent for the Participating Consumers, has the right to bring claims against the Competitive Supplier.
Agency Relationship. The Servicer hereby acknowledges that, pursuant to the terms of the Loan Services and Administration Agreement, dated as of January 1, 2004, between the Servicer and BMW Bank, any Receivables originated by BMW Bank and owned by BMW Bank that are in the possession of, or are otherwise held on the Servicer’s system in the name of BMW Financial Services NA, LLC, are possessed or held in such a manner by the Servicer as agent for BMW Bank.
Agency Relationship. The Company, in performing its duties under this Contract, is acting only as an agent of the Client, and the rights and responsibilities of the parties shall be determined in accordance with the law of agency except as otherwise herein provided.
Agency Relationship. MLS4OWNERS will not be an agent or negotiate on behalf of Seller in the purchase and sale transaction. MLS4OWNERS will not handle any xxxxxxx money on behalf of Seller or maintain a completed purchase and sale agreement in a transaction file. MLS4OWNERS is not a party to the transaction. MLS4OWNERS will comply with the Duties of Real Estate Licensees under the Washington Law of Real Estate Agency (RCW 18.86). Seller agrees to receive written offers directly from buyers or Xxxxx’s broker (also known as Selling Broker). Any broker who procures a prospective buyer for the property is presumed to represent the Buyer. Seller acknowledges receipt of the information pamphlet entitled "The Law of Real Estate Agency" (free download from the website).
Agency Relationship. You authorize us with respect to the Services to act as your agent for the limited purposes of holding, receiving, and disbursing funds on your behalf. Your authorization permits ProPay to generate an electronic funds transfer to process each payment transaction. This authorization will continue until this agreement is terminated. You agree that ProPay’s receipt of transaction proceeds satisfies your customers’ obligations to you.
Agency Relationship. Except as otherwise provided herein, nothing in this Agreement shall render one party the agent of the other in relation to any rights or obligations granted under this Agreement or any transaction carried on pursuant to it, and under no circumstances shall either party pledge or attempt to pledge the credit of the other or incur any credit on behalf of the other.
Agency Relationship. Nothing herein shall be construed so as to constitute Adviser as an agent of the Fund.
Agency Relationship. This Agreement shall not create any agency relationship between the Parties other than those specifically enumerated herein and in the Joint Venture Documents. The relationships between the Parties are that of independent cont~actors in a cooperative arrangement. It is not the intent of the Parties to create, nor should this Agreement be construed to create, a partnership or an employment relationship between the Parties. This Agreement creates no fiduciary relationship between the Parties.
Agency Relationship. The relationship of the Loan Participation Servicer (and of any successor to the Loan Participation Servicer as servicer under this Servicing Agreement) to the Loan Participation Holder under this Servicing Agreement is intended by the parties to be that of an independent contractor and not that of a joint venture, partner or agent.