Return of Property Sample Clauses

Return of Property. Executive agrees that all property (including without limitation all equipment, tangible proprietary information, documents, records, notes, contracts and computer-generated materials) furnished to or created or prepared by Executive incident to Executive’s employment belongs to the Company and shall be promptly returned to the Company upon termination of Executive’s employment.
Return of Property. All documents, data, recordings, or other property, whether tangible or intangible, including all information stored in electronic form, obtained or prepared by or for you and utilized by you in the course of your employment with Studio or any of its affiliates shall remain the exclusive property of Studio. In the event of the termination of your employment for any reason, and subject to any other provisions hereof, Studio reserves the right, subject to Paragraph 27.b, to the extent required by law, and in addition to any other remedy Studio may have, to deduct from any monies otherwise payable to you the following: (i) the full amount of any specifically determined debt you owe to Studio or any of its affiliates at the time of or subsequent to the termination of your employment with Studio, and (ii) the value of Studio property which you retain in your possession after the termination of your employment with Studio following Studio’s written request for such item(s) return and your failure to return such items within thirty (30) days of receiving such notice. In the event that the law of any state or other jurisdiction requires the consent of an employee for such deductions, this Agreement shall serve as such consent.
Return of Property. Executive understands and agrees that all business information, files, research, records, memoranda, books, lists and other documents and tangible materials, including computer disks, and other hardware and software that he receives during his employment, whether confidential or not, are the property of the Company, and that, upon the termination of his services, for whatever reason, he will promptly deliver to the Company all such materials, including copies thereof, in his possession or under his control. Any analytical templates, books, presentations, reference materials, computer disks and other similar materials already rightfully owned by the Executive prior to the Effective Date shall remain the property of the Executive and any copies thereof obtained by or provided to the Company shall be returned or destroyed in a manner similar acceptable to the Executive.
Return of Property. Upon termination of this Contract for any reason whatsoever, Contractor shall immediately deliver to State all State Intellectual Property and State Data (including without limitation any Deliverables for which State has made payment in whole or in part), that are in the possession or under the control of Contractor in whatever stage of development and form of recordation such State property is expressed or embodied at that time.
Return of Property. Executive acknowledges that all notes, memoranda, specifications, devices, formulas, records, files, lists, drawings, documents, models, equipment, property, computer, software or intellectual property relating to the businesses of the Company and its Subsidiaries and Affiliates, in whatever form (including electronic), and all copies thereof, that are received or created by Executive while employed hereunder by the Company or its Subsidiaries or Affiliates (including but not limited to Confidential Information and Inventions (as defined below)) are and shall remain the property of the Company and its Subsidiaries and Affiliates, and Executive shall immediately return such property to the Company upon the termination of Executive’s employment hereunder and, in any event, at the Company’s request. Executive further agrees that any property situated on the premises of, and owned by, the Company or its Subsidiaries or Affiliates, including disks and other storage media, filing cabinets or other work areas, is subject to inspection by Company’s personnel at any time with or without notice.
Return of Property. The Participant agrees that at the time of his or her Separation from Service, he or she will deliver to the Company (and will not keep in his or her possession, recreate or deliver to anyone else) all Confidential Information as well as all other devices, records, data, notes, reports, proposals, lists, correspondence, specifications, drawings, blueprints, sketches, materials, equipment, customer or client lists or information, or any other documents or property (including all reproductions of the aforementioned items) belonging to the Company or any of its affiliates or ventures, regardless of whether such items were prepared by the Participant.
Return of Property. The Employee agrees to return any and all property of the Employer upon the termination of employment. This includes, but is not limited to, equipment, electronics, records, access, notes, data, tests, vehicles, reports, models, or any property that is requested by the Employer.
Return of Property. Executive agrees, upon the termination of his employment with the Company, to return all physical, computerized, electronic or other types of records, documents, proposals, notes, lists, files and any and all other materials, including without limitation, computerized and/or electronic information that refers, relates or otherwise pertains to the Company and/or its subsidiaries, and any and all business dealings of said persons and entities. In addition, Executive shall return to the Company all property and equipment that Executive has been issued during the course of his employment or which he otherwise currently possesses, including but not limited to, any computers, cellular phones, personal digital assistants, pagers and/or similar items. Executive shall immediately deliver to the Company any such physical, computerized, electronic or other types of records, documents, proposals, notes, lists, files, materials, property and equipment that are in Executive’s possession. Executive further agrees that he will immediately forward to the Company any business information regarding the Company and/or its subsidiaries that has been or is inadvertently directed to Executive following his last day of employment with the Company. The provisions of this Section 11.0 are in addition to any other written agreements on this subject that Executive may have with the Company and/or its subsidiaries, and are not meant to and do not excuse any additional obligations that Executive may have under such agreements.
Return of Property. All documents, records, apparatus, equipment and other physical property which is furnished to or obtained by Executive in the course of his employment with the Company shall be and remain the sole property of the Company. Executive agrees that, upon the termination of his employment, he shall return all such property (whether or not it pertains to Proprietary Information as defined in the Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement), and agrees not to make or retain copies, reproductions or summaries of any such property.
Return of Property. Upon termination of Executive's employment with the Company, Executive shall deliver promptly to the Company all records, files, manuals, books, forms, documents, letters, memoranda, data, customer lists, tables, photographs, video tapes, audio tapes, computer disks and other computer storage media, and copies thereof, that are the property of the Company, or that relate in any way to the business, products, services, personnel, customers, prospective customers, suppliers, practices, or techniques of the Company, and all other property of the Company (such as, for example, computers, cellular telephones, pagers, credit cards, and keys), whether or not containing Confidential Information, that are in Executive's possession or under Executive's control.