Additional Cardholders Sample Clauses

Additional Cardholders. (a) We may agree to issue a card to another person as an additional cardholder.
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Additional Cardholders. At the request of the Principal Cardholder we may issue additional Cards, together with a separate PIN, for use by any person nominated by the Principal Cardholder as an Additional Cardholder on his/her Account. The Principal Cardholder must ensure that Additional Cardholders comply with these Conditions. Additional Cardholders will be furnished with a copy of these Conditions and will be bound to observe these Conditions to the extent that they apply or are relevant. The Principal Cardholder is and remains at all times, primarily responsible for all Transactions for which the additional Card and PIN is used, including those charged to the Account after the additional Card has been returned to us and irrespective of whether the Transactions are effected in breach of these Conditions or whether the Transactions are related 22. to the business of the Principal Cardholder or not. We will cancel any additional Card at any time if the Principal Cardholder requests this by contacting us in accordance with the ‘Contacting us’ section, in which case the additional Card, cut in two (through the signature box, magnetic strip and Chip) for security reasons, must be returned to us. Our contact details are set out in the “Contacting us” section of these Conditions. By entering into this Agreement, the Principal Cardholder gives us the authority to pass on information about the Account or Transactions, in so far as they relate to the Additional Cardholder, to that Additional Cardholder by electronic or other means. By accepting an additional Card an Additional Cardholder authorises us to pass on information about Transactions effected by use of the additional Card to the Principal Cardholder by electronic or other means. However, no amendments to the Account details or variation of the Credit Limit will be accepted from an Additional Cardholder.
Additional Cardholders. 16.1 If you ask us to do so, we may issue an additional Card and PIN to any person resident at the same address as the principal cardholder who you nominate as an Additional Cardholder. The terms and conditions of this Agreement apply to the use of any additional Card and PIN. You are responsible for making sure that the Additional Cardholder keeps to the terms of this Agreement.
Additional Cardholders. We may issue cards to Additional Cardholders approved by you. Additional Cardholders may not have accounts with us, but they are able to access and utilize your Account subject to the terms of this Agreement. We may, in our discretion, report Additional Cardholders when we report to credit reporting agencies regarding the Account. You are responsible for all use of your Account by Additional Cardholders and anyone they allow to use your Account. You are responsible for all charges made by Additional Cardholders. You authorize us to give Additional Cardholders information about your Account. If you want to cancel an Additional Cardholder’s right to use your Account (and cancel their Account card) you must give us a reasonable time to process the request. You may notify us either in writing, verbally, or via electronic mail at: Writing Verbally Electronic Mail Valley First Credit Union ATTN: Credit Card XX Xxx 0000 Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 1-888-232-9922
Additional Cardholders. At Your request, we may issue cards to Additional Cardholders. They do not have Accounts with Us but they can use Your Account subject to the terms of this Agreement. We may report an Additional Cardholder’s use of Your Account to credit reporting agencies. You are responsible for all use of Your Account by Additional Cardholders and anyone they allow to use Your Account. You must pay for all charges they make. You authorize us to give Additional Cardholders information about Your Account and to discuss it with them. If You want to cancel an Additional Cardholder's right to use Your Account (and cancel their card) You must tell us.
Additional Cardholders. AIR MILES reward miles may be issued for purchases made with a card held by additional cardholders This does not give additional cardholders any rights against us or LoyaltyOne, Co. in relation to the program.
Additional Cardholders. Points earned by an Additional Cardholder are automatically added to the Primary Cardholder’s Points account. Points earned on any Collabria Cash Back Card other than your Card can’t be added to your Points account. Additional Cardholders do not have any rights against us in relation to the Program.
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Additional Cardholders. 22. (i) You may request us to issue an additional Credit Card on the Account, with a separate PIN and separate Security Credentials for use by a person nominated by you (an “Additional Cardholder”). There is no obligation on us to do so but if we do, the additional Credit Card will be subject to these terms and conditions;
Additional Cardholders. The credit facility is available to person(s) that the Principal Cardholder includes as Additional Cardholder(s). Inclusion of a person as Additional Cardholder shall be SUBJECT TO:
Additional Cardholders. You may request us to issue a Card to an individual who has no financial responsibility under this Agreement. The fee for each Additional Cardholder is $75 per year. You must notify us if you want them to stop using your account. You agree that you are responsibility for all charges and cash advances made by any Additional Cardholders, including charges made before the Card is returned, recurring charges, or charges made without the use of the Card initiated by Additional Cardholders after termination of the Additional Cardholder’s access.
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