Usable Area definition

Usable Area means the usable area calculated in accordance with the BOMA Standard.
Usable Area or “usable square footage” means the usable area as determined, in Landlord's reasonable discretion, in substantial accordance with the Standard Method for Measuring Floor Area in Office Buildings, ANSI/BOMA Z65.1 - 1996 (the “BOMA Standard”);
Usable Area. Usable Square Feet," and "Usable Square Footage" will be calculated under the American National Standard Method for Measuring Floor Area in Office Buildings, ANSI Z65.1C1996 (revised and adopted June 7, 1996) or successor standard(s), adopted by the Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA).

Examples of Usable Area in a sentence

  • The amount of Usable Area on a multi-tenant floor can vary over the life of a building as corridors expand and contract and as floors are remodeled.

  • The Usable Area of an office shall be computed by measuring to the finished surface side of the office side of corridor and other permanent walls, to the center of the partitions that separate the office from adjoining Usable Areas, and to the inside finished surface of the dominant portions of the permanent outer building walls.

  • Usable Area can be converted to Rentable Area by the use of a conversion factor.

  • The Usable Area of a floor shall be equal to the sum of all Usable Areas on that floor.Rentable AreaThis method measures the tenant’s pro-rata portion of the entire office floor, excluding elements of the building that penetrate through the floor to areas below.

  • Lessee shall have the right to use any space within the Premises in excess of the Usable Area without the requirement to pay any additional rent, costs, or charges.

More Definitions of Usable Area

Usable Area means “Rentable Area” and “Usable Area” (as applicable) calculated and defined in accordance with the Standard Method For Measuring Floor Area in Office Buildings ANSI/BOMA Z65.1-1996 (“BOMA Standard”); provided, however, that for all purposes under this Lease, (i) the calculation of the Usable Area shall in no event include the “Floor Common Areas” as defined by the BOMA Standard (including, within such definition of Floor Common Areas, the elevator lobbies, stairwells, telephone rooms, electrical rooms, mechanical rooms, freight vestibule areas, stair vestibules and restrooms) and (ii) the second (2nd) level portion of the ground floor lobby shall be deemed to be a vertical shaft in accordance with the BOMA Standard (and such portion shall not be included as part of the Net Rentable Area of the Building). Tenant shall have the right, at its sole cost and expense (except as otherwise provided below), within sixty (60) days after the Commencement Date, to have a qualified architect or space planner reasonably approved by Landlord verify the Net Rentable Area and/or Usable Area of the Premises and the Building in accordance with the BOMA Standard (as modified pursuant to the immediately preceding sentence); provided, however, that such determination shall be subject to the reasonable review and approval of Landlord and its designated consultants, surveyors, or engineers. If, as a result of such verification (and approval by Landlord), it is determined that the Net Rentable Area and/or Usable Area of the Premises are different than the amounts set forth in Section 1.1 above, all corresponding amounts set forth this Lease (including, without limitation, Tenant’s Share, the amount of monthly Base Rent, the amount of the Security Deposit and the Allowance) shall be retroactively adjusted and appropriate payments, if applicable, shall be made by Landlord to Tenant or Tenant to Landlord (as applicable) within ten (10) days after such determination and approval by Landlord. Both parties agree to execute a commercially reasonable instrument in order to document such revised amounts. In the event that, as a result of such verification, it is determined that the Net Rentable Area and/or Usable Area set forth in Section 1.1 above was in error by more than two percent (2%) from such verified amounts, then Landlord shall pay to Tenant the actual, documented and reasonable costs of such verification within thirty (30) days of Landlord’s approval of such verification. Fro...
Usable Area means all floor area in a tenant space, measured to the inside glass surface of outer Building walls, to the office side of corridors and other permanent partitions, and to the center of partitions that separate the tenant space from adjoining tenant spaces, without deduction for columns and projections necessary to the Building.
Usable Area. As to both the Premises and the Project, the respective measurements of floor area as may from time to time be subject to lease by Tenant and all tenants of the Project, respectively, as determined by Landlord and applied on a consistent basis throughout the Project.
Usable Area of premises on a single-tenant floor and/or multi-tenant floor shall be determined pursuant to BOMA Standards.
Usable Area for the Premises shall mean the Rentable Area for the Premises, minus the following reductions as determined by Landlord: (a) the Premises pro rata portion of the lobby area on the ground floor and electrical/emergency equipment, fire pump equipment, electrical switching gear, telephone equipment, mail delivery facilities, elevator penthouse, security rooms, trash rooms and other areas which service the entire Building as specified in the definition of Rentable Area, and (b) the Premises’ pro rata portion of the space occupied on the Floor(s) of the Premises covered by the elevator lobbies, corridors, restrooms, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms and telephone closets situated on such Floors as specified in the definition of Rentable Area.
Usable Area. The “Usable Area” of the Premises shall be 18,500 square feet of usable office/warehouse space.
Usable Area means the square footage of the areas within the Premises measured from the inside surface of the outer glass, finished column or exterior wall of the Building enclosing the Premises to the inside surface of the opposite outer glass, finished column or exterior wall, or to the mid-point of the demising walls separating the Premises from: