Definition of Building Square Footage

Building Square Footage or "BSF" means the square footage of internal living space of a Unit, exclusive of garages or other structures not used as living space, as determined by reference to the building permit application for such Unit or other applicable records of the City.

Examples of Building Square Footage in a sentence

The Tenants pro rata share is its Rentable Square Footage divided by the Building Square Footage (Tenants Pro Rata Share).
The determination of Building Square Footage shall be made b reference to the Buildine Permit( s) issued for such Assessor` s Parcel and/ or b reference to appropriate records kept b the Citv.
Building Square Footage Hilton San Diego Resort (Ground Lease)(2) 1775 E.
Building Square Footage" means all of the square footaee of usable area aithin the perimeter of a residential structure, not includina any carport, valkwa}, garaee; o erhang.
The Assigned Annual Special Tax for each Assessor's Parcel of Developed Property in Fiscal Year 2004-05 shall be the amount determined by reference to Table 1 according to the Building Square Footage of the Unit.