Definition of Tenant Improvements Work

Tenant Improvements Work means the work to be performed by Tenant pursuant to the Tenant Improvements Plans.

Examples of Tenant Improvements Work in a sentence

Tenant shall repair or restore such Tenant Improvements, Work and other Tenant property promptly following Landlord's restoration of the Premises.
Tenant shall have the right, appurtenant to the Premises, to install, as part of the Tenant Improvements Work, a water neutralizer and an emergency generator serving the Premises at the locations Identified in Exhibit C-1, and to use such water neutralizer and emergency generator for their intended purposes.
If Tenant elects Landlord to manage the Tenant Improvements Work, then the Base Building Work and the Tenant Improvements Work shall be governed by Section 3.3 and other applicable provisions of this Lease, and Section 3.4 shall not apply and shall be disregarded.
Landlord shall coordinate the performance of any ongoing Base Building Work and Tenant Improvements Work (if managed by Landlord) with Tenants Work so as to facilitate the performance of the Tenants Work and to maintain harmonious labor relations, provided that Landlord will not be required to incur additional cost or material delay with respect to any Base Building Work or Tenant Improvements Work (if managed by Landlord) to facilitate the performance of Tenants Work.
All such inspections and reviews shall be for the sole benefit of Tenant and, except as otherwise expressly provided herein, Tenant shall have no liability or obligation to Landlord or any other Person with respect to the Base Building Work or the Tenant Improvements Work.