Data Use Agreement definition

Data Use Agreement or "DUA" means the legally binding document signed by either the lead organization and the data requestor, or the authority and the data requestor, or the authority and a Washington state agency, that defines the terms and conditions under which access to and use of the WA-APCD data is authorized, how the data will be se- cured and protected, and how the data will be destroyed at the end of the agreement term.
Data Use Agreement means the written agreement entered into by and between an Applicant and the Exchange upon acceptance of the Applicant’s Data Release Application by the Data Release Committee, which sets forth the obligations and responsibilities of the Applicant with respect to the use of the Data disclosed to it by the Exchange.

Examples of Data Use Agreement in a sentence

  • Business Associate will enter into a valid, HIPAA-compliant Data Use Agreement, as described in 45 CFR § 164.514(e)(4), with the limited data set recipient.

  • Grantee certifies that it is, and shall remain for the term of this Contract, in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations with respect to privacy, security, and breach notification in accordance with the Texas Health and Human System Data Use Agreement, attached as Attachment F and incorporated in this Contract by reference.

  • It is available on the HHSC website at, Data Use Agreement (PDF).

  • Any and all publication of CHIA Data must comply with CHIA’s cell size suppression policy, as set forth in the Data Use Agreement.

  • Prior to receiving CHIA Data, the Organization must execute CHIA’s Data Use Agreement.

More Definitions of Data Use Agreement

Data Use Agreement means that certain agreement entered into by Business Associate and the CMS governing the use and re-use of PHI provided by CMS to Business Associate in its capacity as an ACO.
Data Use Agreement means an agreement that:
Data Use Agreement means the written agreement between OBI and a Data User that establishes the permitted uses for the Data.
Data Use Agreement means a written contract between parties that defines the care and handling of sensitive or restricted use data, including, but not limited to, the terms of the agreement, ownership of the data, security measures and access to the data, uses of the data, data confidentiality procedures, duration of the agreement, disposition of the data at the completion of the contract, and any penalties for violation of the terms of the agreement.
Data Use Agreement means a signed agreement with the de- partment for transmitting, receiving and using records containing in- dividually identifiable or potentially identifiable health informa- tion. The agreement specifies, at a minimum, what information will be exchanged, the conditions or restrictions under which the information will be used and protected, restrictions on redisclosure of data and restrictions on attempts to locate information associated with a spe- cific individual.
Data Use Agreement means the written assurances that must be provided by a recipient of a Limited Data Set. A Data Use Agreement, at a minimum, must contain the language required by the Privacy Rule.