Data Use Agreement definition

Data Use Agreement means the agreement incorporated into the Contract to facilitate creation, receipt, maintenance, use, disclosure or access to Confidential Information.
Data Use Agreement or "DUA" means the legally bind- ing document signed by the lead organization and the data requestor that defines the terms and conditions under which access to and use of the WA-APCD data is authorized, how the data will be secured and protected, and how the data will be destroyed at the end of the agreement term.
Data Use Agreement means the agreement incorporated into the Contract to facilitate creation, receipt, maintenance, use, disclosure or access to Confidential Information. "Federal Financial Participation" is a program that allows states to receive partial reimbursement for activities that meet certain objectives of the federal government. It is also commonly referred to as the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP).

Examples of Data Use Agreement in a sentence

  • This Data Use Agreement (“DUA”) is effective as of the date of the Base Contract into which it is incorporated (“Effective Date”), by and between the Texas Health and Human Services System, which includes the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Department of State Health Services (“HHS”) and Contractor (the "Base Contract").

  • Recipient shall extend the protections of this Data Use Agreement to any Limited Data Set information that it does not destroy or return to Provider and limit further uses and disclosures of such Limited Data Set for so long as Recipient and its agents and contractors retain Limited Data Set information.

  • Limited Data Set Data Use Agreement attached as Exhibit D Data sets that include dates of service or entire ZIP codes are considered limited data sets.

  • IR will cooperate with HHS in performing these activities as described in the Contract, including without limitation, the Data Use Agreement.

  • In witness to the foregoing, the Recipient has executed this Data Use Agreement as of the date below.

More Definitions of Data Use Agreement

Data Use Agreement means the written agreement entered into by and between an Applicant and the Exchange upon acceptance of the Applicant’s Data Release Application by the Data Release Committee, which sets forth the obligations and responsibilities of the Applicant with respect to the use of the Data disclosed to it by the Exchange.
Data Use Agreement. A written agreement meeting the requirements of 45 CFR 164.514(e)(4), pursuant to which a HIPAA Covered Entity may use or disclose a Limited Data Set for research purposes. DHHS: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Data Use Agreement means that certain agreement entered into by Business Associate and the CMS governing the use and re-use of PHI provided by CMS to Business Associate in its capacity as an ACO.
Data Use Agreement means an agreement that:
Data Use Agreement means the terms and conditions attached to this Solicitation at
Data Use Agreement means the written assurances that must be provided by a recipient of a Limited Data Set. A Data Use Agreement, at a minimum, must contain the language required by the Privacy Rule.
Data Use Agreement means a signed agreement with the de- partment for transmitting, receiving and using records containing in- dividually identifiable or potentially identifiable health informa- tion. The agreement specifies, at a minimum, what information will be exchanged, the conditions or restrictions under which the information will be used and protected, restrictions on redisclosure of data and restrictions on attempts to locate information associated with a spe- cific individual.