Implementation Agreement definition

Implementation Agreement means the Implementation Agreement dated………………….. by and between the GOB and the Company in connection with the Project, and also includes any amendment of it made from time to time.
Implementation Agreement means the agreement headed "Offer and Implementation Agreement" entered into between P&O Princess and Carnival as of 8 January 2003;

Examples of Implementation Agreement in a sentence

MFML, in its capacity as responsible entity of MIX, entered into a Scheme Implementation Agreement with AustFunding Pty Ltd (AustFunding) on 19 September 2014.

Separate Contracts With respect to each finance lease and/or factoring arrangement, OCT Financial Leasing and the relevant Lessee(s) will enter into a separate Implementation Agreement and the transactions contemplated thereunder shall be conducted on normal commercial terms or better at the time of entering into of the relevant Implementation Agreement.

The Partial Share Offer becoming unconditional (save for Condition 1 of the Partial Share Offer regarding the completion of the Implementation Agreement).

Proposed acquisition by Programmed On 24 June 2015, SKILLED announced it had entered into a Scheme Implementation Agreement with Programmed Maintenance Services Limited.

The Implementation Agreement shall indicate the rate to be charged during the period of the Implementation Agreement to recover such additional costs.

More Definitions of Implementation Agreement

Implementation Agreement means the agreement, contract or memorandum of understanding, or any such covenant, entered into (i) between transmission licensee and generating station or (ii) between transmission licensee and developer of the associated transmission system for the execution of project in coordinated manner;
Implementation Agreement means an agreement between the NCU and the Executing Agency for the implementation of the Project;
Implementation Agreement means the Agreement to Implement National Competition Policy and Related Reforms made on 11 April 1995 between the Commonwealth, the State of New South Wales, the State of Victoria, the State of Queensland, the State of Western Australia, the State of South Australia, the State of Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory of Australia, as in force for the time being.
Implementation Agreement means the Implementation Agreement to be executed between the GOB and the Company in connection with the Project, and also includes any amendment of it made by the parties thereto from time to time;
Implementation Agreement means the Offer and Implementation Agreement, dated as of January 8, 2003, between the Corporation and P&O Princess.
Implementation Agreement means any implementation agreement and/or inducement fee and/or other related arrangements, agreements or commitments in connection with an Offer or Scheme as are from time to time in force or entered into by any of Parent, Purchaser or any Borrower during or before any Certain Funds Period.
Implementation Agreement means the implementation agreement dated March 10, 2019 between Barrick and Newmont.