Interconnection Agreement definition

Interconnection Agreement means an agreement between Seller and the Interconnecting Utility and ISO-NE, as applicable, regarding the interconnection of the Facility to the Transmission System of the Interconnecting Utility, as the same may be amended from time to time.
Interconnection Agreement means the Agreement between the Parties entitled “Interconnection Agreement Under §§251 and 252 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996,” dated July 16, 1996.
Interconnection Agreement means the interconnection agreement entered into by Seller pursuant to which the Facility will be interconnected with the Transmission System, and pursuant to which Seller’s Interconnection Facilities and any other Interconnection Facilities will be constructed, operated and maintained during the Contract Term.

Examples of Interconnection Agreement in a sentence

  • PacifiCorp shall have no obligation to purchase Net Output from the Facility to the extent the interconnection between the Facility and PacifiCorp’s electric system is disconnected, suspended or interrupted, in whole or in part, pursuant to the Generation Interconnection Agreement, or to the extent generation curtailment is required as a result of Seller’s non-compliance with the Generation Interconnection Agreement.

  • Where, in relation to an Interconnection Point and a particular provision of the European Interconnection Document, the Interconnection Agreement specifies a Day (later than the Day or Gas Flow Day from which, under this Part VA, that provision is to be effective) from which the Adjacent TSO will be able to give and receive the communications necessary for the operation of that provision, that provision shall be effective from the Day or Gas Flow Day so specified.

  • Moved by Crook, seconded by Dewispelare to amend the Interconnection Agreement, copy attached which is part of Operating Policy #120.

  • The new owner will be required to assume in writing Customer’s rights and duties under this Agreement or to execute a new Standard Interconnection Agreement.

  • National Grid NTS will consider the comments made by Users under paragraph (a) and may agree with the Adjacent TSO to amend the proposed Relevant Provisions on the basis of such comments, and will send (or arrange for the Adjacent TSO to send) to the Authority such comments no later than when the Adjacent TSO submits the proposed amended Interconnection Agreement or (as the case may be) proposed Tripartite Agreement to the Authority for approval.

More Definitions of Interconnection Agreement

Interconnection Agreement means have the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Interconnection Agreement means the agreement and associated documents (or any successor agreement and associated documentation approved by FERC or the CPUC) by and among Seller and, as applicable, the Utility Distribution Company, the Participating Transmission Owner, and the CAISO, governing the terms and conditions of the interconnection of the Project with the Utility Distribution Company’s or CAISO’s grid, including any description of the plan for interconnecting the Project to the applicable grid.
Interconnection Agreement or "Agreement" is an agreement entered into between CenturyLink and CLEC for Interconnection, Unbundled Network Elements or other services as a result of negotiations, adoption and/or arbitration or a combination thereof pursuant to Section 252 of the Act. When CLEC signs and delivers a copy of this Agreement to CenturyLink pursuant to the notice provision of the Agreement, it becomes the Interconnection Agreement between the Parties pursuant to Section 252(e) of the Act.
Interconnection Agreement or “ICA” means the valid agreement made between MDL and a Welded Party when both MDL and that Welded Party complete and sign a Welded Party Agreement Form.
Interconnection Agreement means, with respect to a PV System, a contractual obligation between a utility and a Host Customer that allows the Host Customer to interconnect such PV System to the utility electrical grid.
Interconnection Agreement means an agreement entered into by adjacent transmission system operators, whose systems are connected at a particular interconnection point, which specifies terms and conditions, operating procedures and provisions, in respect of delivery and/or withdrawal of gas at the interconnection point with the purpose of facilitating efficient interoperability of the interconnected transmission networks;