Staffing definition

Staffing means a regularly scheduled review of a patient’s treatment goals, the treatment strategies and objectives being utilized or proposed, potential amendments to the treatment plan and the patient’s progress or lack of progress, including placement criteria for the level of care the patient is in, with partic- ipants to include at least the patient’s primary counselor and the clinical supervisor, and a mental health professional if the patient is dually diagnosed.
Staffing is the number of bid positions and the total number of Flight Attendants who will be assigned to flights based on aircraft type, level of service, variable xxxxxxx, and Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR).
Staffing means the meeting before a drug offender's appearance in drug court in which the drug court team discusses a coordinated response to the drug offender's behavior.

Examples of Staffing in a sentence

  • In this regard, unless the Consultant clearly states otherwise, it shall be assumed by the Procuring Entity that work required to implement any such improvements, are included in the inputs shown on the Consultant’s Staffing Schedule.

  • Additional information on how to complete the online application process and submit your online application may be found on the USA Staffing Applicant Resource Center.

  • The work plan should be consistent with the Work Schedule Form.} c) Organization and Staffing.

  • In accordance with the provision of the Article, the bidder will submit, with their proposal, Staffing Plan (EEO 100).

  • Staffing Profile Provide information on the staff that you have available to execute this contract (attach a separate list if the space provided is insufficient)Proposed Key Personnel Provide information on key staff you intend utilising on this contract, should it be awarded to you.

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Staffing means the meeting of a program team before a participant's entry into the program, and during the participant's participation in the program, to plan a coordinated response to the participant's behaviors and needs;
Staffing means a meeting held periodically to develop and review progress on
Staffing means a regularly scheduled, informal conference not occurring in open court, the purpose of which is to permit the presiding judge and others, including counsel, to discuss a participant’s progress in a problem-solving court, treatment recommendations, or responses to participant compliance issues. See Rule 2.9(6).
Staffing means a formal or informal meeting, conducted by a DCYF Social Service Specialist or DCYF staff member with one or more of the following persons: other DCYF staff, professional staff of the Contractor and/or other provider, consultants, parents or others, for the purpose of reviewing or discussing, or for making decisions concerning, a client or case.
Staffing means the meeting before a mental health, veteran or service member
Staffing shall be a standing agenda item on the Labor-Management Committee who shall review the use and application of regular full-time, regular part-time, and part-time float and per diem employees. In the event the employer contemplates hiring an additional float position, the employer will use the procedure outlined in Article 6 of this agreement. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING‌
Staffing means the meeting before a drug offender's