Orthodontic definition

Orthodontic means a type of specialist dental treatment carried out by an orthodontist that diagnoses, prevents and corrects mispositioned teeth and jaws and misaligned bite patterns.
Orthodontic means a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of growth irregularities of the teeth and jaws.
Orthodontic. No deductible, reimbursement at 50% of insured charges, maximum benefit of $2000 per person, per calendar year, and $2000 lifetime maximum Dentures: No deductible, reimbursement at 100% of insured charges NOTE: Insured charges will be in accordance with the current Ontario Dental Association fee schedule for general practitioners.

Examples of Orthodontic in a sentence

  • Orthodontic coverage does not include the installation of a space maintainer, any treatment related to treatment of the temporomandibular joint, any surgical procedure to correct a malocclusion, replacement of lost or broken retainers and/or habit appliances, and any fixed or removable interceptive orthodontic appliances previously submitted for payment under the Policy.

  • X-rays and extractions that might be necessary for orthodontic treatment are not covered by Orthodontic Benefits, but may be covered under Diagnostic and Preventive or Basic Benefits.

  • Dental services for treatment of congenital or developmental malformation, or services performed for cosmetic purposes, including but not limited to bleaching teeth, lack of tooth enamel and grafts to improve aesthetics, except as described in the Pediatric Medically Necessary Orthodontic Services section of PEDIATRIC DENTAL CARE BENEFITS.

  • Orthodontic treatment services, unless specified in this Dental Benefit Plan Summary as a covered dental service benefit.

  • Orthodontic Benefits will be provided in two payments after the person becomes covered (the initial payment at the banding date and the second in 12 months); however, for treatment plans of less than $500.00 or when the treatment plan is 12 months or less, one payment will be made.

  • Orthodontic treatment is a benefit of this dental plan only when medically necessary as evidenced by a severe handicapping malocclusion and when a prior authorization is obtained.

  • Orthodontic services (treatment of mal-alignment of teeth and/or jaws).

  • If Orthodontic Services are Covered Services, this exclusion will not apply to Orthodontic Services as limited by the terms and conditions of the contract between Delta Dental and your employer or organization.

  • Orthodontic treatment services, unless specified in this Certificate as a covered Dental Service benefit.

  • Orthodontic retention (removal of appliances, construction and placement of retainers).

More Definitions of Orthodontic

Orthodontic means correction of abnormally crooked or poorly positioned teeth.
Orthodontic. No deductible, reimbursement at 50% of insured charges, maximum benefit of $2000 per person, per calendar year, and $2000 lifetime maximum Dentures: No deductible, reimbursement at 100% of insured charges NOTE: Drug Plan for all full-time employees will include a card for direct payment by insurer to dispensing pharmacy. New full-time employees will have an annual cap on this benefit of $3500.
Orthodontic. 100% orthodontics - $2,000 lifetime maximum (children age 6-21, to 25 if a full time student).

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