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Government of India. MINISTRY OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY New Delhi, the 19th July, 1952. My dear Xx. XXXXXXXX, I write to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 19th July, 1952, which reads as follow:- (Here follows the text of Letter I) The position has been noted. Yours sincerely, (Sd.) S. BHOOTHALINGAM. XX. XXXX X. BOBLETER, Counsellor of the Legation, Chairman of the Austrian Trade Delegation, New Delhi. THE CHAIRMAN OF THE AUSTRIAN TRADE DELEGATION New Delhi, the 19th July, 1952. My dear Mr. BHOOTHALINGAM, In the course of the present trade negotiations I availed myself of the opportunity to draw attention to the special importance which the Austrian Federal Government attaches to Austrian firms being considered for Indian Government contracts for the supply in particular of equipment for the Indian State Railways, hydro-electric plants (pressure pipe lines, steel structures for dams), power stations, shed for factories, etc., bridges, mining equipment and equipment for metallurgical works and xxxxx, saw xxxxx, harbour equipment, telecommunication equipment, etc. I was gratified to note the willingness of the Inian authorities to consider tenders of Austrian firms, provided their places and delivery terms are satisfactory. I should be grateful to have your confirmation that this letter correctly sets out the understanding reached between us. Yours sincerely, (Sd.) Xx. XXXXXXXX. Mr. S. BHOOTHALINGAM, Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, New Delhi. Government of India Ministry of Commerce and Industry New Delhi, the 19th July, 1952. My Dear Xx. Xxxxxxxx, I have the honour to acknowledge receipt of your letter of today's date which reads as follows:- (Here follows the text of Letter III) I wish to confirm that the above correctly expresses the understanding reached between us. Yours sincerely, (Sd.) S. Bhoothalingam. Xx. Xxxx X. Bobleter, Counsellor f the Legation, Chairman of the Austrian Trade Delegation, New Delhi.
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Government of India. Reference No.
Government of India. Annual Report 2010-11. In: Ministry of Finance, editor. New Delhi2011.
Government of India. The Program helps the young start-ups, in the biotech industry of India, in creation of affordable products addressing the needs of the largest section of society by providing them Incubation, mentoring and Seed Fund Support. The Company is engaged in the business of ……………………….. IITK in pursuant to the application of the Company under the ‘Program’, has sanctioned a Seed Funding of Rs 30 Lakhs, to be disbursed in different tranches/instalments, to the Company. The quantum of the tranche/ shall be decided by IITK, at its sole discretion. The disbursement of the Seed Fund shall be in the form of Equity Investment (Herein after called “Investment” or “Subscription Amount”) whereby the Company has agreed to issue ………. (………….. Only) New Subscription Securities to IITK equivalent to ……..% shareholding in the Company, at a pre-money valuation of Rs ……Crores subject to the detailed terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Company in its Meeting of the Board of Directors (Board) held on ……………. has duly authorized the Company to enter this Agreement and has authorized its Director ………….. to execute all the documents and do all that is necessary to execute this Agreement is annexed hereto as Exhibit A. The authorized capital of the Company is INR ………../- (Rupees ……….. only) divided into ………… Equity Shares (as defined hereinafter) of par value of INR 10/- (Rupees Ten only) each; The issued and paid-up capital of the Company is INR ……. (Rupees ……………. Only) divided into ………..Equity Shares of par value of INR 10 (Rupees Ten only). The Promoters and the Company, in pursuant to the Seed Fund, have requested IITK to invest the Subscription Amount (as defined hereinafter)in the manner stated in Clause 4, based on the tranche, sanctioned by IITK; which shall be consideration for the subscription to the New Subscription Securities, by the IITK, in the manner and proportion as set out herein; IITK desire to subscribe to, and the Company desires to issue and allot to IITK, the New Subscription Securities in different tranches/instalments, in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions as mentioned herein; and The Parties are now entering into this Agreement for the purpose of recording the terms of the investment by IITK in the Company and governing the relationship of the Promoters, IITK and the Company, their inter se rights and obligations with respect to the management and operations of the Company. The Recitals above shall form an integral part of this Agreem...
Government of India. Id. ¶¶ 3, 6.
Government of India. 2015. Revision of cumulative targets under National Solar Mission from 20,000 MW by 2021– 2022 to 100,000 MW. xxxx:// 3 ADB. 2009. Energy Policy. Manila. 4 ADB. 2013. Country Partnership Strategy: India, 2013–2017. Manila. photovoltaic technology and its financial benefits. Local power distribution companies have yet to achieve profitability, due to persistently low electricity tariffs, to become offtakers (purchasers) of rooftop solar power. Commercial banks perceive solar rooftop projects as having a high credit risk due to the sector’s limited track record. Banks’ capacity to evaluate, price, and monitor solar rooftop projects is also limited. There are primarily two types of solar rooftop models: (i) the standalone and (ii) aggregated (from multiple properties to achieve greater economies of scale). The two prevailing business models for large industrial or commercial properties are (i) capex, and (ii) opex.5
Government of India from time to time, issues order for waiver of inter-state transmission system (ISTS) charges on transmission of wind and solar power till a certain date. In case the commissioning of the Project gets delayed beyond the applicable date of ISTS waiver, arising out of any reasons whatsoever, CESC shall bear no liability with respect to transmission charges levied, if any. However, in case the commissioning of the Project gets delayed beyond the applicable date of ISTS waiver/extended SCD as above, due to reasons attributable to the HPD, the liability of transmission charges/GNA/LTA charges would be to the account of the HPD. In case of any extension in SCD beyond 30.06.2025 (which is the last date at present to get waiver of ISTS charges), decision of getting ISTS waiver will be taken by MNRE, in line with the OM issued by Ministry of Power vide No. 23/12/2016-R&R dated 23.11.2021 read with amendment dated 30.11.2021, and subsequent amendments/clarifications thereto, if any. The provisions of PPA in regard to liability of the CESC/HPD to pay the ISTS charges shall stand modified by such exemption/waiver provided as per the above Office Memoranda, as applicable.
Government of India vide its Notification published in S.O.814 (E) dated 22.08.2001 issued the order “The Motor Vehicles (New High Security Registration Plates) order 2001.
Government of India. 2015. Annual Survey of Industries, 2012–2013. Delhi.