Research Field definition

Research Field means any use in the field of scientific or commercial research, excepting any use that Involves treating humans in any way whatsoever for any condition or any use that involves diagnosis of, testing for, or detection of, a disease condition, or the predisposition or susceptibility thereto, or the clinical progress thereof.
Research Field means, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, the field in which research on Hutchison Compounds (excluding HMPL-004) will be conducted as determined by the Parties, including (without limitation) the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases, disorders or conditions in humans and, subject to the terms of this Agreement, if agreed by the Parties, brain health and metabolic health.
Research Field means the use of Licensed Research Products to conduct pre-clinical and IND enabling studies in vitro and in vivo in mammals, other than humans, to target and treat triple negative breast cancer or multiple myeloma/secondary osteoporosis.

Examples of Research Field in a sentence

  • If the study is a clinical trial, consider using the JHSPH Good Clinical Practice (GCP) For Social and Behavioral Research Field Guide).

  • Primary Research Field: Please select a primary research field from the list below that most closely describes your field of research.

  • USCIS has occasionally expressed opposition to the manipulation of census tract data.

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Licensor may use and permit others to use the Licensed Patents for any research, development, commercial, or other purposes inside or outside of the Commercial Field or the Research Field.

  • Approach and Methodology Preparation of SIA and RAP involves activities related to Consultation with and reporting to MMRDA, Desk Research, Field Studies, Data Analysis and Preparation of Reports.

More Definitions of Research Field

Research Field means the internal use by an end user of a product solely in applications of the end user (or in applications of the end user's customer, if the end user is performing contract research) in scientific research and development which, by way of example but not by way of limitation, expressly excludes:
Research Field means the immunization of XenoMouse Animals with the Product Antigen and the use of XenoMouse Animals that are so immunized and materials generated in whole or part from XenoMouse Animals that are so immunized, in each case solely for the creation, identification, analysis, manufacture, research, and development of Products in the Field. For purposes of clarification, the Research Field shall not include, among other things: (i) the creation, breeding or development of mice or any transgenic animals, (ii) use in humans of materials derived in whole or part from the XenoMouse Animals, (iii) use of XenoMouse Animals or materials derived in whole or part from XenoMouse Animals (including without limitation Products) for any purpose other than the creation, identification, analysis, manufacture, testing, research and development of Products for human medical uses, or (iv) the transfer, sale, lease, offer for sale or lease, or other transfer of title to XenoMouse Animals or any materials derived in whole or part from the XenoMouse Animals. For purposes of further clarification, it is understood that "immunization" of XenoMouse Animals with the Product Antigen includes the immunization of XenoMouse Animals with any formulation or construction of the Product Antigen, regardless of the three dimensional configuration of the Product Antigen, including, but not limited to, cell lines expressing the Product Antigen on their cell surface and chimeric molecules containing the Product Antigen; provided, however, that any research, development or use of Antibodies that do not bind to the Product Antigen (other than to determine whether they bind to the Product Antigen) shall be outside of the scope of the licenses granted hereunder or under the [*] Product Licenses.
Research Field means Licensee’s internal research and pre-clinical development for the treatment or prevention of any of the Disease Indications in humans by in vivo gene therapy using AAV Materials. Notwithstanding the foregoing, “Research Field” specifically excludes the use of AAVrh10 for the treatment or prevention of Friedreich’s Ataxia (Systemic). Furthermore, “Research Field” specifically excludes (without limitation) (a) all human clinical trial use, diagnostic use, therapeutic use, and prophylactic use, and (b) any commercial uses.
Research Field means the research and preclinical development of products and services for use in the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease, state or condition in humans (excluding the sale or provision of, to any third parties, products and services that incorporate, contain or use zinc finger DNA recognition proteins, genes that encode such proteins, or fragments or derivatives of such proteins or genes).
Research Field means use in in vitro and in vivo studies (excluding any studies in humans) in connection with Merrimack’s internal discovery and development programs, and not for any other purpose.
Research Field means making research and development quantities of Hydrogenation Products and using such Hydrogenation Products for one’s own internal research purposes. For the purposes of this Agreement “research and development quantities” includes such amounts as would be used or produced in laboratory scale research projects, but does not include amounts used or produced in pilot study projects.