Commercialized definition

Commercialized shall have corresponding meanings.
Commercialized has a corresponding meaning.
Commercialized have corresponding meanings.

Examples of Commercialized in a sentence

  • Commercialized Campath® is currently available exclusively in Japan, for the rest of world Campath® is being made available to patients at no cost through a patient access/distribution program.

  • GROWER shall keep accurate and correct records of Licensed Product made, used, sold, or otherwise Commercialized by Grower under this Agreement appropriate to determine the amount of royalties due and compliance with the terms and conditions hereunder.

  • BI shall have sole responsibility for and shall make all decisions with respect to any recall, market withdrawal or other corrective action related to Products that BI has Commercialized, provided, however, that BI shall to the extent practicable consult Vitae prior to making any such decision and take into account Vitae’s views and interests in making its decision, provided such consultation does not delay or endanger the recall process.

  • All milestone payments will apply whether Products are Developed and Commercialized as single or combination products.

  • Products shall be Commercialized under trademarks and trade dress selected by BI (collectively, “Trademarks”).

More Definitions of Commercialized

Commercialized and “Commercializing” shall have their correlative meanings.
Commercialized means all activities that are undertaken prior to, during or after completion of an NDA filing for a particular Licensed Product and that relate to the commercial manufacture, marketing and sale of such Licensed Product including but not limited to pre-commercialization, advertising, education, planning, marketing, promotion, distribution, market and product support studies, and Phase 4
Commercialized shall have a corresponding meaning.
Commercialized means having SALES in such jurisdiction, and (b) "actively and effectively attempting to commercialize" means having, either directly or indirectly, an effective, ongoing and active research, development, manufacturing, marketing or sales program as appropriate, directed toward obtaining regulatory approval, and/or production and/or SALES in any jurisdiction, and has provided plans describing such attempts to UTMDACC to commercialize licensed inventions in the jurisdiction(s) that UTMDACC intends to terminate.
Commercialized will be construed accordingly.
Commercialized means to engage in Commercialization.
Commercialized and “Commercializing” have correlative meanings.