Commercializing definition

Commercializing means to engage in Commercialization and “Commercialized” has a corresponding meaning.
Commercializing shall have their correlative meanings.
Commercializing or “Commercialization” means all activities directed to the marketing, promotion, selling or offering for sale of a Product for an indication, including planning, market research, Pre-Marketing, advertising, educating, marketing, promoting, importing, exporting, distributing and post-marketing safety surveillance and reporting. For clarity, “Commercialization” shall not include any activities related to clinical research, Manufacturing or Development of the Product.

Examples of Commercializing in a sentence

  • The audit shall be at the auditing Party’s cost and expense unless the audit reveals a payment discrepancy of more than five percent, in which case the Commercializing Party shall pay all reasonable out-of-pocket costs and expenses associated with the audit.

  • The Party that is not the Commercializing Party or the applicable Affiliate of the Commercializing Party, in the particular case, is referred to herein as the “Non-Commercializing Party”.

  • The Non-Commercializing Party shall have the right, on reasonable notice, to audit or have its external auditors audit the books and records of the Commercializing Party to determine compliance with this Article 15.

  • Commercializing or seeking to commercialize such research materials and their derivatives within the Field of Use shall be deemed “detrimental to the Licensee’s commercial interests” within the intent of this Section.

  • SIIPL and Novavax, including any of their licensees agree that in no case will it use a permit, a regulatory licenses or a contractual arrangement as a means of preventing the other Party or any of its licensees from Developing, Manufacturing and/or Commercializing the Product in the SIIPL Non- Exclusive Territory.

More Definitions of Commercializing

Commercializing means to (a) market, promote, distribute, offer for sale, sell, have sold, import, export or otherwise commercialize a Product, (b) conduct activities, other than Research, Development and Manufacturing, in preparation for the foregoing activities, including obtaining Price Approval or (c) conduct post-Marketing Approval studies (including Clinical Trials). When used as a noun, “Commercialization” means any activities involved in Commercializing.
Commercializing or “Commercialization” means any and all activities directed to marketing, promoting, distributing, importing, exporting, offering to sell, or selling the Product, including manufacturing and activities directed to obtaining Pricing Approvals, if applicable.
Commercializing and “Commercialization” have a correlative meaning.
Commercializing means any and all activities directed to marketing, promoting, detailing, distributing, importing, having imported, exporting, having exported, selling or offering to sell a Product following receipt of Approval for a Product in the applicable country, including conducting pre-and post-Approval activities, including studies reasonably required to increase the market potential of a Product and studies to provide improved formulation and Product delivery, and launching and promoting a Product in each country.
Commercializing shall have a corresponding meaning.
Commercializing and “Commercialization” shall have correlative meanings. For the avoidance of doubt, Commercialization does not include Development and Manufacturing.
Commercializing means to Promote, import, distribute and sell Products in the Territory, including all activities incident thereto and contemplated by the terms of this Agreement.