Real Estate Assets definition

Real Estate Assets means, as of any date, the real estate assets of such Person and its Subsidiaries on such date, on a consolidated basis determined in accordance with GAAP.

Examples of Real Estate Assets in a sentence

  • Some nontax reasons for forming a FLP are discussed below: 6.2 Evidence That the FLP is Necessary For Management of the Family’s Real Estate Assets.

  • Code Section 54956.8PROPERTY - 2015 Hancock Street, San Diego, CAAGENCY NEGOTIATORS - Tiffany Lorenzen, General Counsel; Tim Allison, MTS Manager of Real Estate Assets NEGOTIATING PARTIES - Constellation Property Group, LP; UNDER NEGOTIATION - Price and Terms of Payment b.

  • As of the Effective Date, PAA will retain its Equity Interest in PAALC and PAALC may be dissolved at a later date and time once its tax exempt purpose is no longer able to be realized as it would have sold all assets held for the benefit of PAA.PAA will remain in existence as the Reorganized Debtor and will occupy and operate out of space in the redeveloped Real Estate Assets pursuant to the PAA Lease.

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Real Estate Assets means any investment by the Partnership in unimproved and improved Real Property (including fee or leasehold interests, options and leases), directly, through one or more subsidiaries or through a joint venture (net of any interest held in such investment by a partner or member of a joint venture unaffiliated with the Partnership).
Real Estate Assets means any and all investments in Properties, Loans and other Permitted Investments (including all rents, income profits and gains therefrom), whether real, personal or otherwise, tangible or intangible, that are transferred or conveyed to, or owned or held by, or for the account of, the Company or any of its subsidiaries.
Real Estate Assets means the real estate properties which have been mortgaged in order to secure the Receivables and each of them the “Real Estate Asset”.
Real Estate Assets means any and all Properties and other direct or indirect investments in equity interests in, or Loans secured, directly or indirectly, by, or otherwise relating to, Property (other than investments in bank accounts, money market funds or other current assets), including any interest in a Joint Venture, owned by the Company, directly or indirectly through one or more of its Affiliates or Joint Ventures. Notwithstanding the foregoing, “Real Estate Assets” shall not include any investments in Real Estate-Related Securities.
Real Estate Assets means those Assets of any Person comprising real estate properties (being land and buildings (either completed or under construction) and equity or equivalent investments (participations) directly or indirectly in any other Person which is a société à prépondérance immobilière (or its equivalent in any other jurisdiction) or in any other Person (whether listed or not listed) where more than 50 per cent. of the Assets of such Person comprise real estate assets;
Real Estate Assets means any investment by the Company or the Operating Partnership (including, without limitation, reserves for capital expenditures) in unimproved and improved Real Property (including, without limitation, fee or leasehold interests, options and leases) either directly, through a direct or indirect subsidiary of the Company or the Operating Partnership or through a Joint Venture.
Real Estate Assets means any and all investments in: (i) Property whether directly or indirectly through owned or controlled subsidiaries and including amounts invested in Joint Ventures; and (ii) loans, or other evidence of indebtedness secured, directly or indirectly, by interests in Property.