Owned Real Properties definition

Owned Real Properties has the meaning set forth in Section 3.16(b).
Owned Real Properties means each of the real properties identified on Schedule 1.01F hereto and any other real property owned in fee by the Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor, excluding any ground leased properties for which Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor is a tenant, which is included in the Collateral pursuant to Section 5.09 after the Closing Date.
Owned Real Properties means, collectively, the land and premises listed on Schedule E and the Buildings and Fixtures thereon.

Examples of Owned Real Properties in a sentence

  • Except for Permitted Liens, as of the date of this Agreement, none of the Owned Real Properties specified in Section 4.17(a)(ii) of the Company Disclosure Schedule is subject to any lease, sublease, license or other agreement granting to any Person (other than the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company) any right to the use or occupancy of such Owned Real Property or any part thereof.

  • Seller has sufficient title to such easements, rights of way and other rights appurtenant to each of the Owned Real Properties as are necessary to permit ingress and egress to and from the Owned Real Property to a public way, and the improvements on the Owned Real Property have access to such sewer, water, gas, electric, telephone and other utilities as are necessary to allow the business of the Seller operated thereon to be operated in the ordinary course.

  • Seller will make the Owned Real Properties available during normal working hours to the appraisers engaged by Purchaser.

  • The Company has made available to Parent true, correct and complete copies of (i) all deeds, title reports and surveys for the Owned Real Properties in the Company's possession or control and (ii) the Tenant Leases, together with all amendments, modifications or supplements, if any, thereto.

  • RMT Partner or one of its Subsidiaries has good and marketable fee simple title to the Material RMT Partner Owned Real Properties, free and clear of all Liens other than RMT Partner Permitted Encumbrances.

More Definitions of Owned Real Properties

Owned Real Properties means those properties listed in Schedule 4.01(t).
Owned Real Properties means, collectively, all land and premises owned, from time to time, by any Hudbay Group Member (including those listed on Schedule 7.1(t)) and the Buildings and Fixtures thereon and also for greater certainty including any other Owned Real Property disclosed pursuant to Section 8.3(b) .
Owned Real Properties means those properties listed in Schedule 4.01(w).
Owned Real Properties means (i) that real property, including without limitation all land and any buildings, fixtures and other improvements on such land, owned by Ultra or one of its Subsidiaries and identified in Schedule 2.1 together with (A) all easements, rights-of-way, restrictions, reservations and other rights and interests appurtenant to such real properties and (B) such owners’ rights, interests and obligations under any leases, subleases, licenses or other agreements regarding the use or occupancy of all or any portion of any such real property.
Owned Real Properties means all real property to be owned by Company as of the Closing Date comprising the Locations more particularly described as owned real properties on Schedule 5.19(a), together with all buildings, improvements, easements and appurtenances thereon and thereto, subject only to the Permitted Encumbrances.
Owned Real Properties has the meaning specified in Section 5.02(a).
Owned Real Properties means all real properties owned by the Target Company or any of its Subsidiaries, together with all structures, facilities, fixtures, systems, improvements and items of properties heretofore or hereafter located thereon or appurtenances thereto, and all easements, rights and appurtenances relating to the foregoing.