Real Property Interests definition

Real Property Interests means all interests in real property of whatever nature, including easements, whether as owner or holder of a Security Interest, lessor, sublessor, lessee, sublessee or otherwise.
Real Property Interests has the meaning set forth in Section 3.14.

Examples of Real Property Interests in a sentence

  • See sections 897(i) and 882(d).See Temporary Regulations section 1.897-5T for the applicability of section 897 to reorganizations and liquidations.If the corporation had income tax withheld on Form 8288-A, Statement of Withholding on Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. Real Property Interests, include the amount withheld in line 6h, page 1.

More Definitions of Real Property Interests

Real Property Interests shall have the meaning given such term in the definition of Assets.
Real Property Interests means all interests in Owned Real Property and Leased Real Property, including fee estates, leaseholds and subleaseholds, purchase options, easements, licenses, rights to access, and rights of way, and all buildings and other improvements thereon and appurtenant thereto, owned or held by Sellers that are used in the business or operations of the Stations, together with any additions, substitutions and replacements thereof and thereto between the date of this Agreement and the Closing Date, but excluding the Excluded Real Property Interests.
Real Property Interests means all easements, rights of way, and licenses in the real property of Spinco that are used primarily in the operation of the Spinco Business, and excluding all Spinco Owned Real Property and property and interests subject to Spinco Leases and Spinco Subleases.
Real Property Interests means all easements, rights of way, licenses or other interests in real property of Seller that are used primarily in the operation of the Business, other than Owned Real Property or Leased Real Property.
Real Property Interests means all estates, interests, rights, easements, privileges or benefits in respect of or relating to land, buildings and other structures permanently affixed to land and land covered with water ("real property") including, without limitation, rights arising under any freehold interest, lease, licence, mortgage, covenant, interest protected by covenant, memorandum of understanding in respect of real property or access thereto, agreement to grant an easement and other agreements, arrangements, understandings or undertakings relating to the ownership, use or enjoyment of, access to, or any kind of interest in, real property owned, used or enjoyed by GFCV or to which GFCV is a party.