Real Estate Properties Sample Clauses

Real Estate Properties. (i) Next Metrology carries out and operates its business in the Property only and it does not own, lease or otherwise use or occupy any other real estate property (and Next Metrology upon Completion will carry out and operate its business in the Property only and will not own, lease or otherwise use or occupy any other real estate property).
Real Estate Properties. (a) Except as set forth on Section 4.15(a) of the Company Disclosure Schedule, neither the Company nor any Subsidiary of the Company, nor any Predecessor owns or has ever owned any interests in real property (including any mineral interests), nor is the Company or any of its Subsidiaries party to any agreement to purchase or sell any interests in real property. Section 4.15(a) of the Company Disclosure Schedule sets forth the address of all real property in which the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company holds a leasehold or subleasehold estate or is otherwise used or occupied by the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company (the “Leased Real Property”, and the leases, subleases, licenses or agreements for the use or occupancy of such Leased Real Property including all amendments and supplements thereto being referred to as the “Leases”). The Company has made available to Parent a true and complete copy of each of the Leases. Each Lease creates a valid leasehold interest in the Leased Real Property to which it applies and is in full force and effect in all respects and the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company is entitled to the benefit of such Lease in accordance with its terms, with such exceptions as are not material and do not interfere with the use of the such premises or rights or obligations of the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company under the Leases or with respect to the Leased Real Property. No breach or default exists under any of the Leases by the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company or to the Company’s Knowledge any other party thereto and, to the Company’s Knowledge, no event has occurred which either entitles, or would, on notice or lapse of time or both, entitle any other party to any Lease to terminate such Lease prior to its scheduled term. Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary of the Company could be required to expend more than $75,000 in causing any Leased Real Property to comply with the surrender conditions set forth in the applicable Lease based on the current condition thereof. The Company and each Subsidiary of the Company has performed all of its obligations under any termination agreements pursuant to which it has terminated any leases of real property that are no longer in effect and has no continuing liability with respect to such terminated real property leases. Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary of the Company is party to any agreement or subject to any claim that may require the payment of any real estate...
Real Estate Properties. As at September 30, 2009 December 31, 2008 CostAccumulated Amortization CostAccumulated AmortizationLand$ 85,396$ —$ 85,320$ —Buildings486,79047,414487,17238,639Roads and driveways71,1759,68371,1607,782Water and sewer71,92414,18171,90911,460Equipment7,4101,8427,0091,432Suite renovations31,17413,24628,42110,325Project improvements45,56810,28639,6197,666Other assets7,9842,5696,3842,075Intangibles3,5493,0183,5492,614 $810,970$102,239$800,543$81,993Less: accumulated amortization(102,239) (81,993) $708,731 $718,550 During the three and nine months ended September 30, 2009, the Company capitalized indirect costs of $0.3 million and $0.7 million respectively (2008 - $0.2 million and $0.6 million) as part of its project improvement and suite renovation program.
Real Estate Properties. Provided no Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing, the Borrower may invest in connection with the acquisition, development and leasing of Real Estate Properties (including, without limitation, interests in Partially-Owned Entities), provided that (a) no more than 25% of the aggregate fair market value of the Obligors' Real Estate Properties and Mortgages held by the Obligors may be leased to or made by, as applicable, the same Person (other than AMC) or its Affiliates, (b) the population density with respect to such Real Estate Property shall not be less than 10,000 people per statistical metropolitan sampling area for each screen located at such Real Estate Property and (c) such investment does not otherwise cause a Default hereunder.
Real Estate Properties. Undeveloped land PropertiesProperties currently under developmentTotal real estatepropertiesBalance at 01.01.201572’095983’89995’1101’151’104Reclassifications––19’12319’123–Additions89547’72231’75880’375Disposals––7’638–20’675–28’314Revaluation of properties4’6812’69924’06431’444Change of costs for environmental risks––10’658100–10’558Balance at 31.12.201577’671996’901149’4801’224’052Reclassifications properties held for sale––4’048–114’684–118’732Balance after reclassification as at 31.12.201577’671992’85334’7961’105’320 Balance at 01.01.201677’671996’901149’4801’224’052Additions475’31329’04834’407Disposals––4’266–34’895–39’161Revaluation of properties4’228–6143’3346’948Change of costs for environmental risks419–1059468Balance at 30.06.201682’365997’324147’0261’226’715Reclassifications properties held for sale––838–102’361–103’199Balance after reclassification as at 30.06.201682’365996’48644’6651’123’516 In the period under review, all properties were appraised by Wüest & Partner AG. The discount rates used for the property appraisals fluctuated within a corridor of 2.5% to 7.0% as of the balance sheet date (31 December 2015: 2.5% to 7.0%). The expected additional expenses linked to environmental risks were analysed by Ecosens AG on the basis of historical and technical investigations and recorded as at the reporting date in the amount of TCHF 25’028 (31. December 2015: TCHF 25’496) under “Real estate properties. Environmental risks are evaluated on an ongoing basis. New findings from historical and technical investigations were taken into account as at the reporting date and led to a decrease in costs for environmen- tal risks of TCHF 468 during the period under review (31 December 2015: decrease recognised in the income statement of TCHF 206). A discount rate of 2.5% was applied as at 31 December 2015 (31 December 2014: 2.5%). In some cases, the effective acquisition costs or the investments cannot be reliably ascertained as the time of acquisition dates far back in the past. For this reason, the decision was not to report the acquisition values in these cases. New additions in 2016 came to TCHF 34’407 resulting from investments in 57 sites. The largest investments were made in Baar (TCHF 18’232 for the project The Cloud), Meyrin (TCHF 3’928 for the new headquarter of HP), Windisch (TCHF 3’511 mainly for the project Feinspinnerei), Bremgarten (TCHF 3’725 for the headquarter of Jeld-Wen) and Biberist (TCHF 1’708 mainly for the high-bay warehouse). Dispos...
Real Estate Properties. (i) Exhibit 4.3.16 (i) contains a complete and accurate list of all related lease agreements to which each one of the Companies is party. All lease agreements are in full force and effect, valid and binding. All rents to be paid up to the Closing Date in relation to each one of the lease agreements have been duly paid. The Companies have complied with any and all obligations and responsibilities related to the real estate properties subject matter of the lease agreements, including payment of Taxes. There are no restrictions to the occupancy or use of the real estate properties leased according to their current purposes; and
Real Estate Properties. EXHIBIT 8 hereto is an updated list of all real property owned by FIDEI SCA which are still under a commitment to sell ("promesse de vente" or "compromis de vente") as of today, by FIDEI or the Subsidiaries, on the one hand, and third parties on the other hand. It is agreed by the Parties that the provisions 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 of the SPA shall continue to apply and produce their effects.
Real Estate Properties. 88 9.23 Borrowing Base Properties; Additional Subsidiary Guarantors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 Section 10.
Real Estate Properties. Section 3.17 of the Disclosure Schedule lists all the real estate used by the Company including the real properties owned by the Company and those which are leased from Third Parties (“Real Property”) together with (i) a summary of the main conditions of the respective lease agreements, when applicable; (ii) the street address of each parcel of Real Property, and (ii) the date on which each parcel of the Real Property owned by the Company was acquired. There is no material violation of any Law (including any building, planning or zoning law) relating to any of the Real Property. The Company is in peaceful and undisturbed possession of each parcel of the Real Property owned or otherwise used by it, and there are no contractual or legal restrictions that preclude or restrict the ability to use any Real Property for the purposes for which it is currently being used. All existing water, sewer, steam, gas, electricity, telephone, cable, fiber optic cable, Internet access and other utilities required for the use, operation and maintenance of the Real Property are reasonably adequate for the conduct of the business of the Company as it has been and currently is conducted. Each Real Property is occupied under a valid and current certificate of occupancy, or similar permit and is duly registered before the relevant real estate registries. Except for the debts, as listed in Section 3.17(ii) of the Disclosure Schedule, there are no debts with respect to any Real Property, including Imposto Predial Territorial Urbano — IPTU, Imposto de Transmissão de Bens Imóveis — ITBI, Imposto Territorial RuralITR, the foros and laudemiums, and to the applicable condominium obligations and expenses. Since December 31, 2012, the lease agreements with respect to Real Properties used by the Company have not been amended in any way and the corresponding rent amounts have not suffered any increase or adjustment.
Real Estate Properties. (a) The Company does not own, and has never owned, any real estate property.