Trading Member definition

Trading Member means a Person who has been approved by Nadex to trade directly and not through a FCM Member on the Market, and does not include any FCM Member.
Trading Member or "trading member" means any person admitted as a member in any Exchange in accordance with the Rules, Bye Laws and Regulations of that Exchange.

Examples of Trading Member in a sentence

  • SEBI/DNPD/Cir-45/2009 Dated March 24, 2009 Revised Position Limits for Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives SEBI-RBI have reviewed the position limit applicable for Client and Trading Member for Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives.

More Definitions of Trading Member

Trading Member means a Stock broker and the trading member of the CSE registered in accordance with Chapter VI of the Bye-Laws.
Trading Member means a stock broker of VSE and registered with SEBI as such under the SEBI (Stock Brokers and Sub-Brokers) Regulations, 1992.
Trading Member means a Member of U.S. Futures Exchange, L.L.C. that is not a Clearing Member.
Trading Member means a person having trading rights in any Gas Exchange;
Trading Member means a Person who has been approved by Nadex to trade on the Market.
Trading Member means a person accessing the Data in order to trade on a market operated by Aquis or its Affiliates from time to time and who is a Member of that market as determined by Aquis; User a Device or Individual User that accesses and displays the Real -time Data by any means, including, without limitation, a password, an identifier, a keyboard or other control device. For billing and reporting purposes, the unit of count in rel ati on to th e Interactive Accesses of Real- time Data may be either a Device or an Individual User, and the determination with respect to any Customer as to whether the units o f c o un t shall be the Device or the Individual User shall depend upon such Customer’s license(s); and Website means the Aquis web site xxx.xxxxx.xx as amended or replaced.
Trading Member means a Stock broker and the member of the NSE registered in accordance with Chapter V of the Bye-Laws and will include such an entity which is permitted by NSE to enter into Tri-party Repo transactions on the TRM segment.