Preferred Member definition

Preferred Member means a Member holding Preferred Units.
Preferred Member means each Person admitted to the Company as a Preferred Member whose name is set forth on Schedule I hereto as a Preferred Member with respect to Preferred Units held by such Person, and any other Person admitted as an additional or substitute Preferred Member, so long as such Person remains a Preferred Member.
Preferred Member means a Member holding Preferred Shares of the Company.

Examples of Preferred Member in a sentence

  • Preferred Member Dividends: Each Preferred Membership Interest is entitled to quarterly dividends at a rate equal to LIBOR plus 6.50% per annum (subject to a LIBOR floor of 1.5% per annum) of the Unreturned Contributions associated with their Preferred Membership Interest.

  • In some instances, you may visit one or more of our Sites to verify and update certain information (for example, certain Distributor and Preferred Member account information on MyHerbalife).

  • In connection with any disclosure described in clause (iv) or (v) above, the disclosing Preferred Member shall cooperate with the Company in seeking any protective order or other appropriate arrangement as the Board of Managers may request.

  • Herbalife Independent Distributors If you are an Herbalife Distributor, Preferred Member, or Customer, we may share your information with other Herbalife Distributors, including without limitation as part of a Lineage Report which contains information (such as name, contact information, level or rank, and volume and sales statistics) on other Distributors and Preferred Members in an Herbalife Distributor’s downline.

  • Each Preferred Member (other than the FRBNY or any Permitted Transferee thereof) shall use all reasonable efforts to cause each of its Authorized Representatives to comply with the obligations of such Preferred Member under this Section 7.07(a).

More Definitions of Preferred Member

Preferred Member means a Person in whose name a Junior Preferred Membership Interest or a Senior Preferred Membership Interest is registered in the Register.
Preferred Member means a holder of a Preferred Member Interest.
Preferred Member has the meaning set forth in Section 2.9.
Preferred Member means a Member that holds one or more Preferred Securities.
Preferred Member has the meaning set forth in the introductory paragraph.
Preferred Member means each Preferred Holder which is a Member.
Preferred Member means any Member that holds a Preferred Interest.