Designated member definition

Designated member means the spouse, child, grandchild, parent, brother, or sister of a deceased individual who owned an interest in a wholesaler, who is entitled to inherit the deceased individual's ownership interest in the wholesaler under the terms of the deceased individual's will, or who has otherwise been designated in writing by the deceased individual to succeed the deceased individual in the wholesaler's business, or is entitled to inherit such ownership interest under the laws of intestate succession of this state. With respect to an incapacitated individual owning an ownership interest in a wholesaler, the term means the person appointed by a court as the conservator of such individual's property. The term also includes the appointed and qualified personal representative and the testamentary trustee of a deceased individual owning an ownership interest in a wholesaler.
Designated member means the Chairperson or a whole-time member of the Authority designated for the purpose;
Designated member means the Chairperson or a whole-time Member of the Authority designated for the purpose.

Examples of Designated member in a sentence

  • PREPARED BY: Designated member of the Architecture and Engineering Staff, e.g., Inspector, HUD Representative, Construction Manager (CM), or others including supervisory personnel.

  • Ex-Officio and Designated member terms last as long as the individual holds the office, or in the case of highest finishing Democrats for the same term for the office for which they were a candidate.

  • Designated member terms are determined by their qualifying office: a.

  • The supervisor will sign the scheduling form and return copies to the RSO for the Designated member.

  • Designated member should also have competencies to understand the ultimate impact of deficiencies identified in IT internal control framework by the IS Audit.

More Definitions of Designated member

Designated member means each of Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx and Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, as the original Designated Members pursuant to Section 3.1(b), and any successor or additional Designated Members designated as such pursuant to Section 3.1(b). At any time there is only a single Designated Member, plural references herein to “Designated Members” shall refer to such single Designated Member.
Designated member means a Member who was been granted a designation by the Association and is a Member pursuant to section 9.01(a), 9.01(b) or 9.01(c);
Designated member means the Chairman or a Whole Time Member of the Board designated for the purpose;
Designated member means a Member in respect of whom the Directors have given a notice in accordance with Rule 4.6(b);
Designated member means, with respect to each Fiscal Year, a Member who holds, as of the first day of such Fiscal Year, at least one percent (1%) of the Units outstanding that are held by Members other than the Managing Member.
Designated member means an individual who is affiliated with a Broker Member and has the authority to sign for the Broker Member and bind the Broker Member to obligations of membership. In most firms this shall be the owner, corporate officer or manager.
Designated member means a Member that has been designated by the Property Owner when title to the Property is held in multiple ownership in accordance with Article III, Section 12. The Designated Member must have a significant ownership in the entity holding title to the property or be significantly engaged in the business activity of such entity as an officer or employee. Such designation of Member shall be made annually in accordance with Article V, Section 1.