Definition of Policy

  1. Policy means the specific life insurance policy or policies issued by the Insurer(s).
  2. Policy means this Severance Pay Policy for Entertainment Distribution Company (USA) LLC.
  3. Policy means this Policy for Repayment of Annual Cash Bonus Amounts.

Examples of Policy in a sentence

  1. Accumulation Fund Schedule is attached to this Policy and establishes the terms of the Accumulation Fund.
  2. If the claim is denied (in full or in part), the claimant will be provided a written notice explaining the specific reasons for the denial and referring to the provisions of this Policy on which the denial is based.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, the reinstated Policies reinsured under this Section 5.4 shall include any Policy treated as lapsed or otherwise terminated prior to the Effective Time under which the Company subsequently becomes liable as a result of a determination that the policyowner, insured or beneficiary has died prior to the lapse or termination.

Definition of Policy in Executive Bonus Agreement

Policy means the specific life insurance policy or policies issued by the Insurers.

Definition of Policy in Endorsement Split Dollar Agreement

Policy means the life insurance policy (or life insurance policies if more than one is required because of death benefit amounts or otherwise) purchased on a Participants life that is subject to the terms and conditions of this Plan.

Definition of Policy in Consent Agreement

Policy means this contract of insurance together with all Applications, all endorsements, and the Certificate Schedule, all of which are incorporated herein for all purposes.