Policy definition

Policy means Related Party Transaction Policy.
Policy means this Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy and includes each endorsement thereto.
Policy means this Policy on criteria for determining Materiality of events or information and as may be amended from time to time.

Examples of Policy in a sentence

See US Senate Committee on Finance, ‘Hearing: President’s Trade Policy Agenda and Fiscal Year 2018 Budget’ (21 June 2017) 26 <https://www.

See UNCTAD, ‘Investment Policy Hub: International Investment Agreements Navigator’ <https://investmentpolicy.unctad.org/international-investment-agreements> accessed 27 April 2020 (indi- cating that only 88 of 2,577 investment agreements mapped by UNCTAD include an exhaustion of domestic remedies requirement).

See UNCTAD, ‘Investment Policy Hub: Investment Dispute Settlement Navigator’<https://investmentpolicy.unctad.org/investment-dispute-settlement> accessed 27 April 2020.

Model BITs’ in Karl P Savaunt (ed), Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy 2008–2009 (OUP 2009) 294 (noting that Annex B of the 2004 Model BIT identifies criteria drawn from US constitutional law for the determination of whether a measure constitutes an in- direct expropriation).

For guidelines on the use of Bidding Forms and the procurement of Foreign- Assisted Projects, these will be covered by a separate issuance of the Government Procurement Policy Board.

More Definitions of Policy

Policy means this Policy, as amended from time to time.
Policy means any binder, policy, or contract of insurance or reinsurance issued, accepted or held covered provisionally or otherwise, by or on behalf of the Company.
Policy means the specific life insurance policy or policies issued by the Insurer.
Policy means the contract of insurance entered into between You and Us as evidenced by this document, the Proposal Form, the Schedule and any additional information/document(s) provided to Us in respect of the Proposal Form along with any written instructions from You subject to Our acceptance of the same and any endorsement issued by Us;
Policy means the proposal, the Schedule, the Policy documents and any endorsements attaching to or forming part thereof either on the effective date or during the Policy Period.
Policy means the written regulations, standards, and student conduct expectations adopted by the BOR and found in, but not limited to the Student Handbook, the Residence Life Handbook, the housing contract, the graduate and undergraduate catalogs, and other publicized University and College notices.
Policy means this individual Policy document, the Confirmation of Benefits, the Schedule of Benefits, and any endorsements, riders or amendments that will attach during the period of coverage.