Procedures definition

Procedures shall collectively mean DST’s transfer agency procedures manual, third party check procedures, checkwriting draft procedures, Compliance + and identity theft programs and signature guarantee procedures;
Procedures shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 1 of the Authorized Participant Agreement.
Procedures means the steps to be taken to implement a policy.

Examples of Procedures in a sentence

  • The Sub-Adviser shall cooperate fully with the Trust CCO so as to facilitate the Trust CCO’s performance of the Trust CCO’s responsibilities under Rule 38a-1 to review, evaluate and report to the Trust’s Board on the operation of the Sub-Adviser Compliance Procedures, and shall promptly report to the Trust CCO any Material Compliance Matter arising under the Sub-Adviser Compliance Procedures involving the Portfolio or Segment.

  • At least annually, the Sub-Adviser shall provide a certification to the Trust CCO to the effect that the Sub-Adviser has in place and has implemented policies and procedures that are reasonably designed to ensure compliance by the Sub-Adviser with any applicable Federal Securities Laws, subject to such interpretations as may be contained in the Trust Compliance Procedures.

  • UBS AM agrees to provide to the Sub-Adviser copies of the Trust’s Trust Instrument, By-Laws, Registration Statement, Trust’s Compliance Procedures, written instructions and directions of the Board and UBS AM, and any amendments or supplements to any of these materials as soon as practicable after such materials become available.

  • The Sub-Adviser shall provide to the Trust CCO: (i) quarterly reports confirming the Sub-Adviser’s compliance with the Sub-Adviser Compliance Procedures in managing the Portfolio or Segment or reporting any material instance of non-compliance, and (ii) certifications that there were no Material Compliance Matters involving the Sub-Adviser that arose under the Sub-Adviser Compliance Procedures that affected the Portfolio or Segment or reporting on such matter(s) if they occurred.

  • The Sub-Adviser shall promptly provide the Trust CCO with copies of: (i) the Sub-Adviser’s policies and procedures for compliance by the Sub-Adviser with the Federal Securities Laws (together, the “Sub-Adviser Compliance Procedures”), and (ii) any material changes to the Sub-Adviser Compliance Procedures.

More Definitions of Procedures

Procedures means the Master Personal Trading Policies and Procedures of Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC, from time-to-time in effect and attached hereto as Appendix 2.
Procedures means the standard methods by which policies are implemented.
Procedures means detailed rules established by the Bargaining Unit Executive to govern the day-to-day operation of the Bargaining Unit which are consistent with the constitution, by- laws, and policies of the Bargaining Unit.
Procedures means the steps taken to implement the policies of the organization.
Procedures means Section 1 (Clearing Member, Non-Member Market Participant and Dealer Status), Section 2B RepoClear Service) to Section 2J (Listed Interest Rates Service) and Sections 3 (Financial Transactions) to 8 (Complaints) of the Rulebook and the procedures for application for and regulation of membership of the Clearing House and in respect of SwapClear Dealers, RepoClear Dealers, and ForexClear Dealers respectively, for: (a) application for admission to the Register of SwapClear Dealers and regulation of SwapClear Dealers admitted to the Register; (b) application for admission to the Register of RepoClear Dealers and regulation of RepoClear Dealers; (c) application for admission to the Register of ForexClear Dealers, and shall also include FCM Procedures where the term "Procedures" is used in the Default Rules. For the avoidance of doubt, a reference to "Procedures" is not intended to refer to procedures provided for or required by any regulation, rule, official directive, request or guideline (whether or not having the force of law) of any Governmental Authority"Product"has the meaning assigned to it in the FCM Regulations"Product Specific Contract Terms and Eligibility Criteria Manual"means the Product Specific Contract Terms and Eligibility Criteria Manual as published on the Clearing House's website from time to time"prompt date"has, in respect of (i) an exchange contract, the meaning ascribed to it in the Exchange Rules governing such contract or (ii) a Listed Interest Rates Contract, the meaning ascribed to it in the Product Specific Contract Terms and Eligibility Criteria Manual“Permitted Transfer”has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 2C of the Procedures"Proprietary Account"means an account opened within the Clearing House by a Clearing Member in respect of such Clearing Member's House Clearing Business and/or for the purpose of holding Client Buffer"Protest"has the meaning given to it in Exchange Rules
Procedures and "appeals", shall means the procedures and appeals established by Member States in their national law;
Procedures means the procedures for Purchase Orders and Redemption Orders attached to the Authorized Participant Agreement, as modified by the Trustee from time to time.