User Account definition

User Account means an account under the name of the Customer in relation to the Service subscribed by the Customer.
User Account means a NetID and/or Banner account issued by the University;
User Account means the account registration of a user with an intermediary or publisher and includes profiles, accounts, pages, handles and other similar presences by means of which a user is able to access the services offered by the intermediary or publisher.

Examples of User Account in a sentence

  • Company is solely responsible for all activities occurring under its User Account and for maintaining the confidentiality and security of its username and password.

More Definitions of User Account

User Account means a User’s account maintained on the Platform.
User Account means the non-transferable account dedicated to the User, linked to Customer Account, accessible by the Means of Access, and through which the Services ordered by Customer can be Used.
User Account means an account under the name of the Customer in relation to the Service subscribed by the Customer. Word and expressions donating the singular include plural numbers and words and expressions denoting the plural shall include the singular number unless the context otherwise requires. Word denoting natural persons include bodies corporate, partnerships, sole proprietorship, joint ventures and trusts. The expression "him" or any other expressions appear herein shall be deemed to include the masculine, feminine, plural thereof where the context so admits.
User Account means the individual password- protected account that every User must obtain in order to access the Licensed Services. In order to obtain such an account the User must accept the Licensee's user terms and conditions applicable from time to time, which will restrict any sharing of such User Account with other persons.
User Account means an account created by you within the Circuit administration console, usually for an Circuit User. Unless you give your Accredited Reseller other directions, the Circuit User Data related to that User Account will be kept for the term of your subscription.
User Account means an Authorised User’s account on the Service; and
User Account means an account at Partner Portal created by a User based on an invitation by JetBrains or Admin, having a unique name and password, and through which User has access to Partner Portal Service.