Personnel Policy definition

Personnel Policy means a policy or procedure which implements and clarifies contract provisions regarding terms and conditions of employment for employees in the bargaining unit in specific sections, reporting locations, divisions or department. It does not include oral or written work direction on how to perform a specific job duty from a supervisor or manager, or the exercise of other management rights under Section 3.2.
Personnel Policy means the MBCI Administrative Personnel Policy & Procedures, as amended.
Personnel Policy means the Personnel Policy of Xxxxxxxx County as contained in the Xxxxxxxx County Employee Handbook as amended.

Examples of Personnel Policy in a sentence

  • Following the adoption of a proposed personnel policy, the proposal must be presented to the appropriate Personnel Policy Committee (PPC).

  • However, the Glynn County Personnel Policy prevents the acceptance of such gifts.

  • Business Associate agrees that its workforce members, agents and subcontractors who violate the provisions of HIPAA or other applicable federal or state privacy law will be subject to discipline in accordance with Business Associate’s Personnel Policy and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

  • Contractor certifies that contractor and its employees will not offer or provide gifts to KYTC employees in excess of $25.00 in any single calendar year as defined in KRS 11A.045 (1) and KYTC General Administration and Personnel Policy GAP-808.

  • In compliance with the Act, Luzerne County Personnel Policy Section 2.5 prohibits Luzerne County from using and/ or being under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs while in the work place.

More Definitions of Personnel Policy

Personnel Policy means the personnel policy of HSBC Holdings plc entitled “HSBC Group Policy for Screening of Third Party Personnel”;
Personnel Policy means the ASUM Personnel Policy.
Personnel Policy means the TKKPersonnel Policy and Procedures Manual adopted by the Council, which governs the relationship between the Ts’il Kaz Koh and its employees;
Personnel Policy means the Glynn County Personnel Management System as approved by the Board of Commissioners on November 5, 1981 as subsequently amended.
Personnel Policy means the TFN Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual adopted by the Council, which governs the relationship between the Tobique First Nation and its employees;
Personnel Policy. The terms of this collective bargaining agreement, when in conflict with the Personnel Policy of the City, shall prevail. The City shall provide the Union President with written notifications of any proposed changes to the Personnel Policy at least sixty (60) days prior to adoption by the City Manager. This shall not constitute a waiver of any of the Union's rights to collectively bargain on any issues regarding changes in wages, hours or working conditions, as provided for under RCW 41.56, or other applicable law or statute.
Personnel Policy means the policy of La Paz with respect to its municipal employees, including management and compensation systems, referred to in Section 2.10 (a) and (b) of the Project Agreement;