Permitted User definition

Permitted User means a person other than an employee of the Company who is authorized by the Company pursuant to and in accordance with Section 2.1(a)(ii) and all applicable Documentation to access and use one or more specific Component Systems.
Permitted User means an individual who is authorized by Customer to use the Licensed Products, such use to be solely in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Permitted Users are limited to Customer’s employees, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers, business partners and customers who (i) are not competitors of PTC or employed by competitors of PTC and (ii) are directly involved in the utilization of the Licensed Products solely in support of Customer’s internal business purposes. Customer shall at all times be responsible for its Permitted Users’ compliance with this Agreement.
Permitted User means the use of the Lease Premises for [*] purposes;

Examples of Permitted User in a sentence

  • Without limitation of the generality of the foregoing, any act or omission by a Permitted User that would constitute a breach of this Agreement if by Customer will be deemed a breach of this Agreement by Customer.

  • SimX does not act upon any Customer Case Content, or data generated by or for Customer or Permitted User in any professional capacity (including clinical decision-making) or determine the type of procedures appropriate for Customer to make such assessments.

  • Customer will report to SimX (through any Permitted User if Customer has purchased Advanced Support Services, otherwise through the Technical Contact) all Errors experienced by Customer.

More Definitions of Permitted User

Permitted User means a Fund shareholder who has been authorized pursuant to applicable Documentation and procedures of BNYM to access and use IAM.
Permitted User means an individual who is authorised by the End User to use the relevant Licensed Service being an employee of the End User or an individual performing the function of an employee on a temporary basis, and independent contractor or consultant for as long as they are contracted to an End User.
Permitted User means those individuals or classes of individuals identified in an Agreement whom Customer may authorize to Use the Software or GLN Service.
Permitted User is defined in Section 17;
Permitted User means an individual (including those of Subscriber’s Affiliates) who has been given access to Subscriber’s account as an agent and/or administrator. Permitted Users may include Subscriber’s employees and Contractors and Subscriber’s Affiliates' employees and Contractors.
Permitted User means an authorized user approved by the Authorized Requester of Client to have access to the FOCUSIT Applications. Such Permitted User will have the ability to add other End Users to such Permitted User’s account without further approval from Authorized Requester or Client.
Permitted User means any individual authorized by Customer to use the Products and Services, whether at a Facility or from a remote location, who is a (a) Customer employee,