Licensed Use definition

Licensed Use means the Licensor’s permitted use of the Licensed Data under the PSGA Member Licence. Login Details means the unique identifiers assigned to the Licensor when it entered into the PSGA Member Licence enabling access to the On-Line Ordering Service. On-Line Ordering Service means the service accessed by entering the Licensor’s Login Details where indicated on OS’s Website. OS means Ordnance Survey Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (company registration number 09121572) whose registered address is at Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxx, XXXXXXXXXXX, XX00 0XX. OS Data means Data (including but not limited to Licensed Data) which OS owns or which OS licenses from a third party (including but not limited to the Crown).
Licensed Use means the Licensor’s permitted use of the Licensed Data under the PSMA Member Licence.

Examples of Licensed Use in a sentence

  • Except as to University’s own copyrights or trademarks, University has not obtained any permissions, licenses, or releases for the use of any names, likenesses, trademarks, service marks, logos, or works of authorship depicted in the Licensed Material and Licensee is solely responsible for determining what other, if any, permissions, licenses, or releases are necessary for the Licensed Use.

  • The rights granted under this Agreement are limited to the Licensed Use.

  • University grants Licensee a nonexclusive, non-transferrable and non-sublicensable license right to use the Licensed Material, solely for the Licensed Use, and subject to all restrictions specified in this Agreement, including the Exhibits to this Agreement.

  • In partial consideration for the license conveyed hereby, Xxxxxxxx agrees not to, directly or indirectly, challenge, contest, impair, or invalidate University’s rights in any of University Images as they relate to the Licensed Use.

More Definitions of Licensed Use

Licensed Use means use of the Object Code form only of Licensed Software by the Authorized Users.
Licensed Use means the use described in Exhibit B, including limitations to the enumerated and described instances of use.
Licensed Use means use - subject to restrictions further defined below - by Buyer at the Buyer site on the authorized processor by the number of authorized users for Buyer’s internal purposes, and subject to other restrictions, each as stated in the Software License Certificate for the Software that is issued by Honeywell, a written agreement between Honeywell and Buyer specifying the Licensed Use, the Honeywell proposal, or the Buyer order accepted by Honeywell (taking precedence in that order). If the Licensed Use has not been specified, then the Licensed Use is a limited right to use the Software on the device on which it is delivered or, if the software was not delivered on a device, a single computer with one processor by one user, solely for Buyer’s internal purposes; and neither concurrent use on two or more computers nor use on a network is permitted.
Licensed Use means use of Licensed MP Products in any life science application only by the end-user, provided that such life science application is not a Regulated Use. For purposes of this Agreement, "Regulated Use" means any use that occurs in a clinical or diagnostic laboratory environment, and the use or the results thereof are subject to regulation or control by any governmental body or regulating authority. Licensed Use expressly excludes, by way of example but not limitation, any human and veterinary in vivo or in vitro diagnostic application such as screening, diagnosis, staging or monitoring of disease; any in vivo imaging; any therapeutic use; and any use approved by, or for which approval could or must be sought, from the US Food and Drug Administration or from any comparable agency in any country other than the US.
Licensed Use means performance in the field(s) of (a) in the case of a not-for-profit licensee, research and/or services that apply the Programs in analyses of nucleic acid sequences as a contract service or in patient care for which Licensee intends to seek payment from third parties, or (b) in the case of a for-profit licensee, research and/or services, which services may include diagnostic and/or companion diagnostic services, that apply the Programs in [***] in connection with the development, manufacture, use, sale, practice, performance, importation, exportation, commercialization or other exploitation of any Licensed Product.
Licensed Use shall have the meaning designated in Section 3.2 below.
Licensed Use means the use by Licensee of the ITS Content for Tax Instruction Purposes.