Named Users definition

Named Users means designated individual users authorized by Customer to access or use Smart Configure, Price, Quote.
Named Users means any combination of users licensed under this Agreement.
Named Users as used herein are defined as Client Users listed in the SOW that shall be eligible to receive Training Courses.

Examples of Named Users in a sentence

  • Upon DS’s request, Customer shall provide DS with a signed document listing (i) the number of Named Users and Extended Enterprise Named Users, as applicable, (ii) the type of use of the DS Offerings, and (iii) the locations and types of the systems on which DS Offerings operate or Customer has installed the DS Offering(s) as applicable.

  • Use of a DS Offering in Named User Based mode is authorized for the maximum number of Named Users and/or Extended Enterprise Named Users, as applicable, defined in related Transaction Document.

  • Customer may replace Named User(s) or Extended Enterprise Named User(s), as applicable, as necessary to reflect permanent personnel change(s), provided that the number of individuals authorized to use the DS Offering does not exceed the maximum number of rights granted to Customer for such DS Offering.

  • Customer shall not use any automated program or “user agent” program or utilities for multiple Users and/or Extended Enterprise Users, as applicable, and Customer shall ensure that Named Users and Extended Enterprise Named Users do not share or use the same username and password.

More Definitions of Named Users

Named Users total number of users that can use the system based on licenses provided to named individuals.
Named Users means, Participating Institutions’ users that have been entitled by the Participating Institutions with unique login credentials to the SaaS Service. Named Users may include Participating Institution’s employees, library student assistants, temporary staff, consultants, or contractors.
Named Users means a specific individual or device designated by Client to use or is managed by the ConnectWise Offering as specified in the Documentation. A non-human operated device or process may be counted as a Named User as specified in the Documentation if such device requires unique identification to the ConnectWise Offering (i.e. its own access credentials). Named Users' login credentials are for designated Named Users only and may not be shared among multiple individuals. Named Users' login credentials may be reassigned to new Named Users if the former users no longer require access to the ConnectWise Offering.
Named Users means specific, named individuals who are authorized by Subscriber to use the Services, for whom Seats to use the Services have been purchased from Reliability, and who have been supplied user identifications and passwords for the Services. Named Users may be Subscriber’s employees or contractors, subject to the terms of this Agreement, including its confidentiality and trade secret provisions.
Named Users means the number of user- specific Customer’s employees and contractors authorized to use the Licensed Software hereunder, as specified in the Entitlement.
Named Users means Users identified by Customer as the primary contact(s) for Customer.
Named Users means Users identified by a proper name, a unique numerical identifier or another unique symbol, and a password.