Books of the Company Sample Clauses

Books of the Company. The Company may treat the holder hereof as appearing on the Company’s books at any time as the holder for all purposes.
Books of the Company. The Company will keep books of record and accounts acceptable to the Noteholders in relation to its business and activities.
Books of the Company. Buyer shall keep all of the books of accounts and records of the Company existing as of the Closing Date for a period of five years from the Closing Date. Buyer will permit the Sellers or Seller's agents, at Sellers' expense, to examine such books at such reasonable times and to request copies of such books as may be reasonably requested by Sellers or Seller's agents.
Books of the Company. The Company may treat the Holder of this Warrant as appearing on the Company's books at any time as the Holder for all purposes. Upon written request, the Company shall permit any Holder or the duly authorized attorney of such Holder, during ordinary business hours, to inspect and copy or make extracts from the books showing the Holders of Warrants.
Books of the Company. 118. The Board of Directors shall comply with all the provisions of the Law in regard to the recording of charges and the keeping and maintaining of a register of directors, register of shareholders and register of charges. 119. Any book, register and record that the Company is obliged to keep in accordance with the Law or pursuant to these Articles shall be recorded in a regular book, or by technical, mechanical or other means, as the Board of Directors shall decide.

Related to Books of the Company

  • Books of Account The Accounting Agent shall maintain the books of account of the Trust and shall perform the following duties in the manner prescribed by the respective Trust’s currently effective prospectus, statement of additional information or other governing document, copies of which have been certified by the Secretary of the Funds and supplied to the Accounting Agent (a “Governing Document”) (including the procedures established in the Service Level Agreement):

  • Books of Accounts The LLC shall maintain proper books of account, which shall comply with all applicable federal income tax regulation and with generally accepted accounting practices as applicable to limited liability companies.

  • Records and Books of Account The records and books of account of the Company reflect all material items of income and expense and all material assets, liabilities and accruals, have been, and to the Closing Date will be, regularly kept and maintained in conformity with GAAP applied on a consistent basis with preceding years.

  • Offices, Records and Books of Account, Etc The Seller: (i) shall keep its principal place of business, chief executive office and state of formation (as such terms or similar terms are used in the UCC) and the office where it keeps its records concerning the Receivables at the address of the Seller set forth on Schedule IV or, pursuant to clause (1)(iv) below, at any other locations in jurisdictions where all actions reasonably requested by the Administrator to protect and perfect the interest of the Administrator in the Receivables and related items (including the Pool Assets) have been taken and completed and (ii) shall provide the Administrator with at least 30 days’ written notice before making any change in the Seller’s name or making any other change in the Seller’s identity or organizational structure (including a Change in Control) that could render any UCC financing statement filed in connection with this Agreement “seriously misleading” as such term (or similar term) is used in the UCC; each notice to the Administrator pursuant to this sentence shall set forth the applicable change and the effective date thereof. The Seller also will maintain and implement (or cause the Servicer to maintain and implement) administrative and operating procedures (including an ability to recreate records evidencing Receivables and related Contracts in the event of the destruction of the originals thereof), and keep and maintain (or cause the Servicer to keep and maintain) all documents, books, records, computer tapes and disks and other information reasonably necessary or advisable for the collection of all Receivables (including records adequate to permit the daily identification of each Receivable and all Collections of and adjustments to each existing Receivable). Notwithstanding the above, in no event shall the Seller have or maintain, or be a partner in any partnership that has or maintains, its jurisdiction of organization, principal place of business or principal assets in any of the states of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah or Wyoming.

  • Books of Account and Records Proper and complete records and books of account shall be kept or shall be caused to be kept by the Board of Directors or such representatives as it may appoint in which shall be entered fully and accurately all transactions and other matters relating to the Company’s business in such detail and completeness as is customary and usual for businesses of the type engaged in by the Company. The books and records shall at all times be maintained at the principal executive office of the Company.

  • Books Records and Accounting The General Partner shall keep or cause to be kept at the principal office of the Partnership appropriate books and records with respect to the Partnership’s activities and affairs. Any books and records maintained by or on behalf of the Partnership in the regular course of its activities and undertakings, including the record of the Record Holders, books of account and records of Partnership proceedings, may be kept on information storage devices, provided, that the books and records so maintained are convertible into clearly legible written form within a reasonable period of time. The books of the Partnership shall be maintained, for financial reporting purposes, on an accrual basis in accordance with IFRS-IASB. Such books, records and registers will be kept available for inspection by and at the sole expense of any Limited Partner or its duly authorized representatives upon notice to the General Partner during regular business hours at the office of the General Partner for any purpose relating to such Limited Partner’s Partnership Interest. Limited Partners shall not have access to any information of the Partnership contained in its books and records which the General Partner is required by legal or contractual restriction to keep confidential or which, in the opinion of the General Partner, acting reasonably, should be kept confidential in the interests of the Partnership or may be kept confidential as provided in this Agreement, and each Limited Partner hereby waives any right, statutory or otherwise, to greater access to the books and records of the Partnership than is permitted herein, to the greatest extent permitted by law.

  • Books and Records In compliance with the requirements of Rule 31a-3 under the 1940 Act, the Sub-Advisor hereby agrees that all records which it maintains for the Fund are the property of the Trust and further agrees to surrender promptly to the Trust any of such records upon the Trust’s request. The Sub-Advisor further agrees to preserve for the periods prescribed by Rule 31a-2 under the 1940 Act the records required to be maintained by Rule 31a-1 under the 1940 Act with respect to the services provided by the Sub-Advisor hereunder.

  • Consultant’s Books and Records Consultant shall maintain any and all ledgers, books of account, invoices, vouchers, canceled checks, and other records or documents evidencing or relating to charges for services or expenditures and disbursements charged to the City under this Agreement for a minimum of three

  • Accounting, Books and Records The books and records of the Company shall be kept, and the financial position and the results of its operations recorded, in accordance with GAAP. The books and records shall reflect all Company transactions and shall be appropriate and adequate for the Company’s business. The Company shall maintain at its principal place of business: (i) a current list of the full name and last known address of each Member and Assignee set forth in alphabetical order, together with the Capital Contributions, Capital Account and Units of each Member and Assignee; (ii) the full name and address of each Director; (iii) a copy of the Articles and any and all amendments thereto, together with executed copies of any powers of attorney pursuant to which the Articles or any amendments thereto have been executed; (iv) copies of the Company’s federal, state and local income tax and information returns and reports, if any, for the six (6) most recent taxable years; (v) a copy of this Agreement and any and all amendments hereto, together with executed copies of any powers of attorney pursuant to which this Agreement or any amendments hereto have been executed; and (vi) copies of the financial statements of the Company, if any, for the six (6) most recent Fiscal Years. The Company shall use the accrual method of accounting in the preparation of its financial reports and for tax purposes and shall keep its books and records accordingly.

  • Corporate Books and Records The Company has furnished to Buyer true and complete copies of (a) the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the Company as currently in effect, including all amendments thereto, (b) the minute books of the Company and (c) the stock transfer books of the Company. Such minutes reflect all meetings of the Company’s shareholders, Board of Directors and any committees thereof since the Company’s inception, and such minutes accurately reflect the events of and actions taken at such meetings. Such stock transfer books accurately reflect all issuances and transfers of shares of capital stock of the Company since its inception.