Maintenance Fee definition

Maintenance Fee. The Maintenance Fee (see Contract Schedule I) will be deducted during the Accumulation Period from the Current Value on each anniversary of the date the Account is established and upon surrender of the entire Account.
Maintenance Fee means any fee, obligation, or
Maintenance Fee means any fee, obligation, or compensation paid or to be paid by

Examples of Maintenance Fee in a sentence

  • The Annual Maintenance Fee is due on or before December 31 of each year for the next calendar year.

  • We will waive the Annual Maintenance Fee and Rider Charge on Your Contract.

  • No application fee is required to be paid by any electricity utility that is paying the municipal electricity infrastructure maintenance fee pursuant to the Electricity Infrastructure Maintenance Fee Act.

  • In addition to paying a Maintenance Fee each term, on-ground students must pay a Technology Access Fee and a Student Access Fee each term.

  • IRA Xxxual Maintenance Fee $10 per IRA xxxount per year (paid by investor per tax I.D. number).

More Definitions of Maintenance Fee

Maintenance Fee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.
Maintenance Fee has the meaning set forth in Section 2.06(d).
Maintenance Fee means any fee, obligation, or compensation paid or to be paid by the consumer on a periodic basis to a debt-settlement provider in consideration of maintaining the relationship and services to be provided by a debt-settlement provider in accordance with a contract with a consumer related to the provision of debt-settlement service.
Maintenance Fee means a fee paid by a consumer to an Agency for continuing provision of DMP
Maintenance Fee means the amount equal to 0.10 percentage points per month of the ending daily Account Balance for the relevant period.
Maintenance Fee means the then-effective fee established by SCALABLE and set forth in a separate SCALABLE Price List for providing Maintenance of the Software under a Maintenance Agreement during a designated time period.
Maintenance Fee means the annual fee specified in each Exhibit M – n for Basic Maintenance Services.