Advance fee definition

Advance fee means consideration of any type including a payment, fee, pay-per-call charge, or deposit, which is assessed or collected prior to the closing of a loan or the issuing of a credit card.
Advance fee means any fee or consideration requested or received by a Debt Relief Service Provider from a consumer for any Debt Relief Service, whether directly or indirectly, that occurs before;

Examples of Advance fee in a sentence

  • We add a Cash Advance fee to the Cash Advance balance as of the post date on your statement.

  • If Company has selected the option to obtain Cash Advances on any Physical Cards, Company agrees to pay the Cash Advance fee provided in the Fee Schedule attached as Exhibit A.

More Definitions of Advance fee

Advance fee means an amount in United States funds equal to five percent (5%) of the gross amount of each Advance.
Advance fee means any fee charged for services to be paid in advance of the rendering of such services, including, without limitation, any fee charged for listing, advertising, or offering for sale or lease any real property.
Advance fee means a fee claimed, charged or received for a listing, advertisement or offer to sell or lease real estate issued primarily for promoting the sale or lease of real estate;
Advance fee means any consideration which is assessed or collected, prior to the closing of a loan, by a loan broker.
Advance fee means any consideration paid or given, directly or
Advance fee means the Advance Fee specified in the Admission Request as amended from time to time in accordance with this Agreement.