Maintenance Fees definition

Maintenance Fees means the non-refundable fees payable annually by Licensee to OT for Support Services;
Maintenance Fees means the agreed upon fees for the Maintenance in an Order.
Maintenance Fees means those Fees identified in the Agreement as payable in respect of Customer’s enrollment in the SMP for Descartes Software.

Examples of Maintenance Fees in a sentence

  • If Vendor retires the version of the Software provided to the State and if the State has paid all applicable annual Maintenance Fees subsequent to executing this Agreement, the State shall be entitled to receive, at no additional charge, a newer version of the Software that supports substantially the same functionality as the licensed version of the Software.

More Definitions of Maintenance Fees

Maintenance Fees means fees payable by Customer, or by a Reseller on behalf of Customer, to Trustwave for any Maintenance provided to Customer under this Agreement.
Maintenance Fees means the fees for Maintenance Services set forth in Schedule B.
Maintenance Fees means payments (such as annual minimum royalties) made by sub-licensees to AMICUS to preserve, or to avoid a forfeiture of rights under, the sublicense agreement;
Maintenance Fees means the maintenance fees set out in Exhibit B.
Maintenance Fees means fees payable for Software Maintenance of Activated Software.