Licence Fees definition

Licence Fees the fees to be paid by the Licensee to HKEX-IS pursuant to clause 5.2. “Memorandum of Permitted the memorandum which sets out the Permitted Purpose, as Purpose” more particularly set out in Schedule 4, or any revised Memorandum of Permitted Purpose issued by HKEX-IS pursuant to clause 2.3.
Licence Fees means the fees payable by you under this Agreement to us excluding VAT and all other relevant taxes, where applicable, as detailed by us from time to time including through our website, as part of a written quotation or renewal;
Licence Fees means the licence fees applicable to the Licensed Services under the ICE Direct Licence scheme and published on ICE’s website ( from time to time and payable in accordance with the terms of clause 4.

Examples of Licence Fees in a sentence

  • On each yearly anniversary of the Commencement Date, the Licence Fees may be increased by the amount determined in any obligations to provide any services to the Customer in respect of the SPEE3D Software including (without limitation) development or customisation services, technical support, training or maintenance services.

  • Upon payment by the Customer of the additional Licence Fees or other amounts specified in the notice from SPEE3D under clause 3.2, the Permitted Seats will be increased by the number of additional Permitted Seats purchased by the Customer.

  • Upon receiving a request under clause 3.1, SPEE3D may notify the Customer of the additional Licence Fees and other amounts payable by the Customer for the purchase of the additional Permitted Seats.

More Definitions of Licence Fees

Licence Fees means the fees, the amount of is indicated in the Purchase Order, paid by the Client in consideration of the Licence.
Licence Fees. Means the charges for your occupation of the Accommodation as stated in the Offer of Accommodation.
Licence Fees means the licence fees payable by you to us (or your Reseller) for the right to use the Software, as more particularly set out in your Order.
Licence Fees means the initial, annual or renewal fees for a licence payable to the Authority by an applicant or a licensee;
Licence Fees means the licence Fees payable by Participant to Data Republic, as stipulated in an applicable Term Sheet.
Licence Fees means the initial, annual or renewal fees, excluding the application processing fee, for a licence under this Act;
Licence Fees. Licence fees are as follows: • Private Non-Sale Licence - $10 • Private Resale Licence - $25 • A store may charge a service fee of up to $2 for each licence sold and fees are subject to change.