Distribution Fee definition

Distribution Fee means a percentage of MRP of each of the Subscribed Channels payable by SDSPL to the Licensee towards fee for distribution of each of the Subscribed Channels as more specifically specified in Annexure B and Annexure B-1 of this Agreement.
Distribution Fee means the DPO’s share of revenue for the Distribution of Subscribed Channels to Subscribers and it does not include Carriage Fee. It will be calculated as twenty percent (20%) of the MRP of the Subscribed Channel(s), multiplied by the Monthly Average Subscriber Level.
Distribution Fee means any fee payable by a broadcaster to a distributor of television channels for the purpose of distribution of pay channel or bouquet of pay channels, as the case may be, to subscribers and it does not include carriage fee;

Examples of Distribution Fee in a sentence

  • The Distribution Fee shall be accrued daily and paid monthly or at such other intervals as the Trustees shall determine.

  • Subject to such restriction and subject to the provisions of Section 7 hereof, the Distribution Fee shall be as approved from time to time by (a) the Trustees of the Trust and (b) the Independent Trustees of the Trust.

  • The Distributor may sell and assign its right to its Allocable Portion (but not its obligations to the Fund under the Agreement) of the Distribution Fee to a third party, and such transfer shall be free and clear of offsets or claims the Fund may have against the Distributor, it being understood that the Fund is not releasing the Distributor from any of its obligations to the Fund under the Agreement or any of the assets the Distributor continues to own.

  • The Fund may agree, at the request of the Distributor, to pay the Allocable Portion of the Distribution Fee directly to the third party transferee.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing or paragraph 6, below, any amendment or termination of this Plan shall not affect the rights of the Distributor to receive its Allocable Portion of the Distribution Fee, unless the termination constitutes a Complete Termination of this Plan as described in paragraph 1 above.

More Definitions of Distribution Fee

Distribution Fee is defined in Section 7.1(b)
Distribution Fee shall equal Twenty Percent (20%) of One Hundred Percent (100%) of all Gross Receipts received by LGF from the exploitation of the Picture in all media throughout the Territory.
Distribution Fee means the distribution fee payable by a Fund’s T Class Shares, BN Retail
Distribution Fee means such amount as shall be equivalent to twenty percent (20%)of: (i) the a-la-carte MRP of the applicable channel from amongst the Subscribed Channels, and (ii) the bouquet MRP of the Subscribed Bouquet(s), which the DPO shall be entitled to receive on a monthly basis, or part thereof, as commission towards retransmission of the Subscribed Channel(s) through the DPO’s Permitted Digital Distribution Platform in the Territory during the applicable month of the Term, or part thereof;
Distribution Fee has the meaning set forth in the Charter.
Distribution Fee means the distribution fee payable by a Fund’s T Class Shares to the Distributor