Excluded Businesses definition

Excluded Businesses means Business types which are excluded from application for an Inter-Community Business Licence and includes those Business types referred to in Schedule “A”.
Excluded Businesses means any and all businesses of Abbott, the Asset Seller Entities or their respective Affiliates other than the Triage Business.
Excluded Businesses has the meaning set forth in Schedule 1.

Examples of Excluded Businesses in a sentence

  • In this regard, they are regarded to be interested in the Excluded Businesses of the Group.

  • On the other hand, our Group engages in the design, manufacture and installation of cleanroom wall and ceiling systems, as well as cleanroom equipment, and does not carry out any works in relation to the Excluded Businesses as they require completely different industry knowledge and expertise.

  • The abovementioned Excluded Businesses are managed by publicly listed companies (in the case of Allgreen, SA and KPPI) with independent management and administration.

  • As the Board of Directors of the Company is independent of the boards of the abovementioned companies carrying out the Excluded Businesses, the Group is capable of carrying on its business independent of, and at arm’s length from, the Excluded Businesses mentioned above.

  • The total consideration and cost per Share paid by the Pre-IPO Investor related to the Company prior to the Reorganisation and included the Excluded Businesses which have since been transferred out of the Group pursuant to the Reorganisation.

More Definitions of Excluded Businesses

Excluded Businesses has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2.2(a)(i)(B)(x).
Excluded Businesses means the (i) retail, midstream and wholesale marketing businesses of Seller and its Subsidiaries including all retail stations owned and operated by Seller and its Subsidiaries, but excluding each of the Spur Franchise Business and the Included Superior Wholesale Business, (ii) operation and ownership and/or leasing by Seller or its Subsidiaries of the Excluded Terminals, (iii) operation of a refinery and related terminals in Meraux, Louisiana, (iv) ownership and operation of the ethanol plants described on Section 1.01(a) of the Seller Disclosure Schedule under the heading “Excluded Ethanol Plants” and (v) businesses described on Section 1.01(a) of the Seller Disclosure Schedule under the heading “Excluded Businesses”.
Excluded Businesses shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Excluded Businesses means the Movie Theater Business, the Mobile Business, the Internet Business, the Traditional Billboard Business and all assets and Liabilities primarily relating thereto.
Excluded Businesses means all of the former, present or future businesses of Seller and its Subsidiaries, other than the FH Business.
Excluded Businesses means the Citigroup Excluded Businesses or the Mxxxxx Sxxxxxx Excluded Businesses, or both, as the context requires.
Excluded Businesses has the meaning set forth in Schedule 1.10(a).