Management Authority definition

Management Authority means a national management authority designated in accordance with Article IX;
Management Authority means the authority to exercise any management control of the corporation or of its underwriting, loss adjustment, investment, general servicing or production function or other major corporate function.
Management Authority. ’ means the organ of state or other institution or juristic person in which the authority to manage a particular astronomy advantage area is 55

Examples of Management Authority in a sentence

  • A.7334 (Brennan)Chapter 289This chapter repeals the authorization for, which in effect dissolves, the Sleepy Hollow Parking Authority and the Western Finger Lakes Solid Waste Management Authority.

  • Article 4 Tasks relating to VISIn relation to VIS, the Agency shall perform:(a) the tasks conferred on the Management Authority by Regulation (EC) No 767/2008 and Decision 2008/633/JHA;(b) tasks relating to training on the technical use of VIS.

  • Certain Appendix 1 specimens deemed to be Appendix 2 specimens Management Authority and Scientific Authorities 39.

  • In-year revenue forecasting is also done by the National Financial Management Authority (ESV).

  • MFSR is the Certification Authority and Audit Authority (Government resolution No 832 of 8 October 2006) and it also acts as an Intermediary Body under the Managing Authority for the Operational Programme for the Informatization of the Society (later only OPIS).The Management Authority for OPIS is the Slovak Government Office that is also responsible for the implementation of the national infrastructure project – GovNet Network.

More Definitions of Management Authority

Management Authority means the person who or body which has been appointed as the management authority in terms of an order made under section 13(5)(b) or an agreement entered into under section 13(5)(a), 14(4), 15(1) or 16;
Management Authority or “Authority” means the body constituted by that name in relation to a management area pursuant to section 10 and section 14;
Management Authority of a school means the person or organisation responsible for the management of the school;
Management Authority means any authority with decision-making responsibility over areas of water and land within the coastal zone.
Management Authority. (管理當局) means, in relation to
Management Authority means South African National Parks as designated in regulation 10;
Management Authority means the authority established under section 4 of the Endangered Species Trade and Transport Law, 2004.