Principal Business definition

Principal Business means the primary activity as determined by analyzing the amount of capi- tal, labor, time, attention, and floor space devoted to each business activity and by analyz- ing the sources of net income and gross income. The name, appearance, and advertising of the entity may also be taken into consideration if they are given less weight.
Principal Business means the business of the exploration for, and development, acquisition, production, and upstream marketing and transportation of Oil and Gas.
Principal Business means (i) the business of the exploration for, and development, acquisition, production, processing, marketing, refining, storage and transportation of, hydrocarbons, (ii) any related energy and natural resource business, (iii) any business currently engaged in by the Company or its Subsidiaries, (iv) convenience stores, retail service stations, truck stops and other public accommodations in connection therewith and (v) any activity or business that is a reasonable extension, development or expansion of any of the foregoing.

Examples of Principal Business in a sentence

  • The Guarantors (as defined below) undertake that the Convertible Note shall be used for the Group’s business expansion, research and development, production and capital replenishment in relation to the Principal Business and the Red Chip Restructuring in accordance with the terms of the Transaction Documents.

More Definitions of Principal Business

Principal Business means (a) a business of the type engaged in by the Borrower and its Subsidiaries on the date of this Agreement, (b) any other insurance, insurance services, insurance related, asset management, asset management related or risk management related business and (c) any business reasonably incident to any of the foregoing.
Principal Business means the sport of football, at the professional, college or other level, regardless of the country in which it is played or the league, association or other governing body, as applicable.
Principal Business shall have the meaning set forth in the Purchase Agreement.
Principal Business means (i) (a) Gaming and (b) hotel and resort businesses and any activity or business incidental, directly or indirectly related, or similar thereto, or any business or activity that is a reasonable extension, development or expansion thereof or ancillary thereto, including, without limitation, any golf, entertainment, transportation, recreation or other activity or business designed to promote, market, support, develop, construct or enhance Gaming and other businesses, in either case operated by the Authority at the Resort, and (ii) casino gaming and related businesses (including, without limitation, those described in clause (i)(b) above) located outside the Tribe’s reservation.
Principal Business means the business of the Group, being cord blood banking and related services.
Principal Business means the businesses in Internet mutual-aid society, critical illness fund-raising and insurance, including Shui Di Chou Business, Shui Di Hu Zhu Business and Shui Di Bao Business.
Principal Business means the business of the Group relating to the sale of mobile phones and smartphones, the provision of wireless application services, the research and development of smartphone operation systems and software, mobile data platform system, other value- added business operations and property investment;