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Listings means information identifying the listed names of subscribers of carriers and subscribers’ telephone numbers, addresses or primary advertising classification or any combination, and that carrier or affiliate has published, caused to be published or accepted for publication in any directory format.
Listings are Prosper borrowersloan requests that are displayed on the platform. Listings include the borrower’s requested loan amount, maximum offered interest rate and corresponding yield percentage, and the minimum yield percentage that may be bid on the listing. The yield percentage is the lender member’s effective yield, net of servicing fees. The minimum yield percentage applicable to each listing is based on the Prosper Rating assigned to the listing and will be calculated by adding the national average certificate of deposit rate that matches the term of the loan, as published by, to the minimum estimated loss rate associated with the Prosper Rating assigned to the listing, which estimated loss rate is based on the historical performance of similar Prosper loans. Listings include a Prosper Rating, which is a letter grade that may be based on a custom Prosper score that indicates the level of risk associated with the listing and corresponds to an estimated average annualized loss rate range for the listing. Listings also include other information, including but not limited to, the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio, credit information from the borrower’s credit report, the borrower’s group affiliation (if any), and the borrower’s self-reported annual income range, occupation and employment status. Borrowers are identified by a Prosper user name but are not able to disclose their identity or contact information to lenders. Prosper lenders may ask borrowers questions about their listings and borrowers may, but are not required to, respond to such questions. Borrowers who elect to respond to a lender’s question may respond privately, or they may elect to have the question and answer posted publicly in the listing. Lenders’ questions are not posted in the listing or displayed elsewhere on our website unless the borrower elects to answer the question and elects to make the question and answer publicly available, in which case the question and answer appears in the listing. We do not verify any borrowers’ responses to lender members’ questions. A bid by a lender on a listing is the lender’s commitment to purchase from Prosper a Note in the principal amount of the lender’s winning bid, provided that the listing has received bids totaling the full loan amount requested in the listing. Lenders “bid” the amount they are willing to commit to the purchase of a Note that is dependent for payment on payments we receive on the corresponding borrower loan, and th...

Examples of Listings in a sentence

  • Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) Title: Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program – Competing Continuation Announcement Type: Competing Continuation - Type 2 Agency Notice of Funding Opportunity Number: CDC-RFA-CE20-2004CC21 Assistance Listings Number: 93.276 Key Dates: Due Date for Applications 05/26/202105/26/2021Application must be successfully submitted to by 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on the deadline date.

  • By creating or uploading an Jeevitam Profile, Jeevitam may contact you to share Job Listings with you that match the contents of your Jeevitam Profile.

  • Listings can be found at

  • This document is not an invitation to the public to subscribe for Ordinary Shares in South Africa and is issued in compliance with the JSE Listings Requirements, for the purpose of providing information to the public with regard to the Company.

  • Listings should be titled: Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program or Long-Term Care Ombudsman Services if a more general directory category is needed.

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Listings means Licensee’s telephone or facsimile numbers and Yellow Pages listings/advertisements or other business listings or directories, including any website, domain name, or other Internet usage. Upon termination of this Agreement and the License, USI will have the immediate right to the Listings and to have the service transferred to USI. Licensee appoints USI its true and lawful agent and attorney-in-fact with full power and authority for the sole purpose of taking such action as is necessary to complete this assignment. Licensee shall not thereafter use the Listings at or in connection with any subsequent business owned or operated by Licensee, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, or representatives, or for any other purpose. The obligations of Licensee in this provision are also obligations of the Licensee Affiliates.
Listings means a description of a Property that the Seller lists for sale using the Services. When one creates a Listing, you will need to submit information to us about the Property, including without limitation, images, general property information and tenant and lease information. You hereby grant a license to Roofstock to use such listing information in order to operate the Services - please see the Section below entitled "Rights in Content Granted by You". It is important that such information be complete and accurate and we do not verify any such information or User Content you provide to us via the Services for your Listings. A Listing can also include requirements with which potential Buyers must comply in order to purchase the Property for sale in a Listing. We may provide Additional Property Information for Listings. You agree that you are responsible
Listings means description and particulars of a Product, including its Price and other costs, offered on the Website for sale by a Seller;
Listings. The Company will use its commercial best efforts to retain the listing of its ordinary shares on the WSE and of its ADSs on Nasdaq and to list the New Notes on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
Listings means the Yacht listed as available for Charter through our Services and the Site;