Display definition

Display means any device for displaying letters, numbers, images or other indicia or patterns. Nothing contained herein shall permit LICENSEE to sell, lease, or otherwise dispose of a Light Valve which is not combined or intended to be combined as described above into a Light Valve Architectural Window Product.
Display. ’ means the display of a sign and includes the erection of any billboard, sign or structure intended solely or primarily for the support of a sign or billboard, and includes the display of a sign of a business, trade partnership or individual connected with the contents of the sign or sign, and ‘‘displayed’’ has a corresponding meaning;
Display means having new motor vehicles or new travel trailers available for public viewing at fairs, vehicle shows or vehicle exhibitions. The dealer may also post, display or provide product information through literature or other descriptive media. However, the product information shall not include prices, except for the manufacturer’s sticker price. “Display” does not mean offering new vehicles for sale or negotiating sales of new vehicles.

Examples of Display in a sentence

  • Maximum of 1 Transportation Communication Network Support Structure and maximum of 2 Digital Display Sign Faces.

  • Display Printing - That area of the Scratch Ticket outside of the area where the overprint and Play Symbols appear.

  • Select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections.

  • No portion of the Display Printing nor any extraneous matter whatsoever shall be usable or playable as a part of the Scratch Ticket.

  • Maximum of 1 Transportation Communication Network Support Structure and maximum of 1 Digital Display Sign Face.

More Definitions of Display

Display means display in or within view of a public place;
Display means that portion of the surface area of a changeable sign that is or is designed to be or is capable of being periodically altered for the purpose of conveying a message.
Display means the visual presentation of video lottery game features shown on the screen of a video lottery terminal.
Display means vehicles are present. Dealer personnel, sales and solicitations are prohibited.
Display means to put or set out to view or to make visible.
Display means an entertainment feature where the public or a private group is admitted or permitted to view the display or discharge of fireworks or special effects.
Display means to erect and/or expose an advertising sign or structure to the public view by any method whatsoever