Metadata definition

Metadata includes all information created manually or automatically to provide meaning or context to other data.
Metadata means textual and other data associated with the Licensed Titles and/or Licensed Content that describes the creation, content, and context of each part of the Licensed Titles or Licensed Content, such as the name of the Publisher, the name of the copyright owner, subject matter, the date of publication, the location of the digital file, and in relation to Licensed Content, additionally the name of the contributing author (or authors) and other authors.
Metadata means data collected on any activity of a natural or legal person for the purposes of the provision of a data sharing service, including the date , time and geolocation data, duration of activity, connections to other natural or legal persons established by the person who uses the service;

Examples of Metadata in a sentence

  • Metadata: means information that provides meaning and context to other data being collected; including, but not limited to: date and time records and purpose of creation Metadata that have been stripped of all direct and indirect identifiers are not considered Personally Identifiable Information.

  • Metadata includes Usernames, UPNs, Common Names (Real Names) and IP addresses  Mobile phone numbers  Authentication log data.

  • Application Technology Metadata: IP Address – As part of auditing user activity, the user’s IP Address is tracked following user login to ClassFlow.

  • A complete GIS Metadata file shall be included with the datafiles including a summary of the above, source, dates, accuracy, area covered, acquisition requirements, documentation about registered or private benchmarks utilized, coordinate reference system, and other standard components.

  • Log information includes  Metadata includes Active Directory (AD) usernames, IP addresses and MAC addresses AD usernames, IP addresses and MAC addresses Cloud Application Security (CASB)  All http and https cloud application requests and associated metadataMetadata includes AD usernames, IP addresses, Real Names, MAC addresses, Email addresses and any captured application data  Log data relating to http and https cloud application requests.

More Definitions of Metadata

Metadata means a structured description of the contents of the data facilitating the discovery and use of this data;
Metadata means data that describes or gives information about other data.
Metadata means data describing the context, content, and structure of records and their management through time.
Metadata means data about data;
Metadata means information, generally not visible when an electronic document is printed, describing the history, tracking, or management of the electronic document, including information about data in the electronic document that describes how, when, and by whom the data is collected, created, accessed, or modified and how it is formatted.
Metadata means information describing spatial data sets and spatial data services and making it possible to discover, inventory and use them;
Metadata is information that provides meaning and context to other data being collected, including but not limited to date, time, and purpose of creation. Metadata that has been stripped of all direct and indirect identifiers is not considered personally identifiable information.