Funding Account definition

Funding Account has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 4.01(h).
Funding Account has the meaning set forth in Section 2.11(a).

Examples of Funding Account in a sentence

  • Information Regarding the current Monthly Accumulation into the Interest Funding Account (Stated on the Basis of $1,000 Original Certificate Principal Amount).

  • After Administrative Agent’s receipt of such funds on the Closing Date, and upon fulfillment of the conditions set forth in Article 4, Administrative Agent shall make such funds as it has received available to Borrower by depositing such funds into the Funding Account; provided that Administrative Agent shall net any Advance due to Borrower against any amount payable by Borrower hereunder in accordance with each Lender’s respective Applicable Percentage.

  • The Administrator shall deposit (or cause to be deposited) into the Collection and Funding Account, on behalf of the Indenture Trustee and the Noteholders, all amounts realized in connection with any such action.

  • Unless repurchased by the Receivables Seller in a transaction contemplated by the Receivables Sale Agreement or transferred pursuant to a Permitted Refinancing, the Receivables shall remain in the Trust Estate, regardless of any receipt of an Indemnity Payment in the Collection and Funding Account.

  • Upon notice of such a breach, the Administrator shall enforce the Issuer’s rights to require the Receivables Seller to deposit the Indemnity Payment with respect to the affected Receivable(s) into the Collection and Funding Account.

More Definitions of Funding Account

Funding Account is defined in Section 2.5.
Funding Account means the account in which You nominate to fund the Lodgement to the Transfermate Nominated Account.
Funding Account. The account established and maintained pursuant to Section 4.02.
Funding Account has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(b).
Funding Account means the non-interest bearing demand checking account established by Borrower with Lender to be used for (a) the initial deposit of proceeds of Loans; and (b) the funding or purchase of a Mortgage Note by Borrower; provided that the Funding Account shall be pledged to Lender and that Borrower shall not be entitled to withdraw funds from the Funding Account.
Funding Account means the checking or similar account for which you are an authorized signer, and from which the Financial Institution may debit or otherwise collect the funds necessary to remit the Scheduled Payment to the corresponding Payee, per your instructions.