Artwork definition

Artwork has the meaning set forth in Section 1.6(a).
Artwork refers to that certain artwork by , entitled .
Artwork means a Work which is an illustration, photograph, or other non-textual material which has been prepared for inclusion in an Educational Resource.

Examples of Artwork in a sentence

  • Artwork Size: 101-148 Pages Publisher: Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna.

  • Long Term Effects The Ripple Effects of Property Purchase Grants on LGBTQIA* Communities 20 Artwork Credit: UHAI EASHRI (Kenya)1Enhanced financialstability and independenceAlmost all grantees, while appreciative of donor support for their work, were acutely aware of shifts in funding patterns and priorities.

  • Artwork must be original artwork, unpublished works to which the artist possesses common-law copyright.

  • Artwork must be created with in the last 3 years and not have been in any of RCAC’s previous shows.

  • Artwork can be rotated on a monthly basis, and it is the artist’s responsibility to make sure all pieces submitted meet the gallery standards.

More Definitions of Artwork

Artwork means the text and design specifications for the Game Disc label and the Printed Materials in the format specified by NOA in the Guidelines.
Artwork means album cover artwork, screen shots and/or any other artwork relating to COMPANY Content that COMPANY has cleared for use by ITUNES in accordance with Section 2 below. All artwork that is provided by or on behalf of COMPANY to ITUNES is deemed cleared by COMPANY.
Artwork means the design specifications for the Game Cartridge label and Printed Materials in the format specified by NOA in the Guidelines.
Artwork means the artwork listed on Schedule 1.
Artwork means the final art and mechanical formats for the Licensed Product including the Game Cartridge box, user instruction manual with consumer precautions and warranty, Game Cartridge label and inserts.
Artwork means all of the artwork, paintings, sculptures and memorabilia owned by PAA.