Artwork definition

Artwork means the text and design specifications for the Game Disc label and the Printed Materials in the format specified by NOA in the Guidelines.
Artwork means a Work which is an illustration, photograph, or other non-textual material which has been prepared for inclusion in an Educational Resource.
Artwork has the meaning set forth in Section 1.6(a).

Examples of Artwork in a sentence

  • The unvested Class A preferred shares issued or issuable hereunder shall be forfeited if this Agreement is terminated prior to the applicable Vesting Date or if the Special Committee does not approve a sale of the Artwork.

  • An advance may only be used by the Company to purchase the Artwork.

  • If Masterworks pays or has paid a deposit or other funds to the seller prior to the acquisition of the Artwork as a prepayment of part of the purchase price, such deposit or funds shall be non-recourse to the Company prior to the acquisition of the Artwork by the Company, at the time of acquisition of the Artwork such amounts, if any, will be deemed to be an advance obligation payable by the Company to Masterworks.

  • The net proceeds of the Offering together with any unsold shares, if any, will be paid to Masterworks to acquire the Artwork from an affiliated entity.

  • The management, policies and operations of the Parties (including the ultimate approval of the making or disposition of the Artwork by the Issuer or Masterworks Cayman, and the terms and conditions thereof) shall be the responsibility of the Parties other than the Administrator.

More Definitions of Artwork

Artwork refers to that certain artwork by , entitled .
Artwork means album cover artwork, screen shots and/or any other artwork relating to COMPANY Content that COMPANY has cleared for use by ITUNES in accordance with Section 2 below. All artwork that is provided by or on behalf of COMPANY to ITUNES is deemed cleared by COMPANY.
Artwork means album cover artwork, screen shots and/or any other artwork relating to COMPANY Content that COMPANY has cleared for use by ITUNES pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. COMPANY shall not provide to ITUNES any artwork that has not been so cleared.
Artwork means the artwork listed on Schedule 1.
Artwork refers to incorporating Category I and Category II Licensed Property and shall include, without limitation, all pictorial, graphic, visual, audio, audio-visual, digital, literary, animated, artistic, dramatic, sculptural, musical or any other type of creations and applications, whether finished or not, including, but not limited to, animation, drawings, designs, sketches, images, illustrations, film, video, electronic, digitized or computerized information, software, object code, source code, on-line elements, music, text, dialogue, stories, visuals, effects, scripts, voiceovers, logos, one-sheets, promotional pieces, packaging, display materials, printed materials, photographs, interstitials, notes, shot logs, character profiles and translations, produced by Licensee or for Licensee, pursuant to this Agreement. Licensor reserves for itself or its designees all rights to use any and all Artwork created, utilized and/or approved hereunder without limitation.