Licensee Data definition

Licensee Data means, other than Resultant Data, information, data and other content, in any form or medium, that is collected, downloaded or otherwise received, directly or indirectly from Licensee or an Authorized User by or through the Services.
Licensee Data means all Data generated by or on behalf of Licensee or its Affiliates during the Term.
Licensee Data means all electronic data or information submitted by Licensee to the Software and Services.

Examples of Licensee Data in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, CUSI shall have no obligation to store, maintain, or provide back-ups of Licensee Data unless agreed to by the parties in a separate professional services agreement, Sales Agreement, or other written agreement between Licensee and CUSI.

  • Licensor is not responsible for any disclosure, modification or deletion of Licensee Data caused by an Add-on or any Non-Licensor Application or Provider.

  • Licensee hereby grants to CUSI a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to reproduce, distribute, and otherwise use and display the Licensee Data and perform all acts with respect to the Licensee Data as may be necessary for CUSI to provide the Technical Support and Maintenance Services to Licensee.

  • Those safeguards will include, but will not be limited to, measures designed to prevent unauthorised access to or disclosure of Licensee Data (other than by Licensee or Authorised Users).

More Definitions of Licensee Data

Licensee Data means all electronic data or information submitted by User to the Service;
Licensee Data means the data provided by Licensee for processing by the Software.
Licensee Data means all electronic data or information submitted to and stored in the Service by Users.
Licensee Data means the licensee data which may be accessed as part of the Verification Services.
Licensee Data means all data (including but not limited to Personal Data) imported into the CampMinder System or input into the CampMinder System by Authorized Users of the Software Products.
Licensee Data means data originating with Licensee that it submits to SEVOCITY® and data that is received from Licensee or on its behalf by CMI.
Licensee Data means contact details submitted by the Licensee using the Websites and details of any BIM Content downloaded by the Licensee;