Installation Contractor definition

Installation Contractor means the person undertaking construction or implementation work under a separate contract with the City, who will utilize the pricing, terms, and conditions of this Contract to procure equipment for performing the work under the separate contract. The Installation Contractor may be a subcontractor to a contractor engaged by the City.
Installation Contractor means any person licensed under electricity rules for undertaking electrical works at an appropriate voltage;
Installation Contractor. Address: Telephone: Area of Metal Roof: Square Feet Warranty Start Date: Corporate File Number: Type of Product Approved and Applied:

Examples of Installation Contractor in a sentence

  • Signed: Date: Printed Name: Title: Electrical Contractor: (if Different from Equipment Installation Contractor) Name: Mailing Address: City: State: Zip Code: Contact Person (If other than Above): Telephone (Daytime): (Evening): Facsimile Number: E-Mail Address: The undersigned asserts that the Equipment has been installed in accordance with Part 1 of the Interconnection Application/Agreement as well as all applicable codes and regulations.

  • The Installation Contractor shall be solely responsible for all costs and expenses for the repair and/or replacement of the roofing system arising as a result of defective workmanship or installation during the first two (2) years after completion of installation of the roofing system, extended by successive twenty-four (24) month periods from the date of any leaks reported or repaired within the relevant two (2) year period.

  • It is anticipated that the Installation Contractor will provide and install the Metering System.

  • Upon receipt of a warranty claim, from either the Owner or the Installation Contractor, PAC will send a representative to the location specified for an inspection of the roof.

  • Save to the extent that the Installation Contractor has caused or contributed directly or indirectly to any delay and subject to Clause 13.4, the Installation Contractor shall be entitled to an appropriate and reasonable extension of the Scheduled COD for delays to the Installation Works on the critical path as a result of any Relevant Event.

More Definitions of Installation Contractor

Installation Contractor means a contractor engaged by or on behalf of Captain Green Solar the Solar PV System at the Customer’s premises;
Installation Contractor is identified in the Key Information Table or such other contractor from time to time appointed by the Project Company with respect to the installation, commissioning and testing of the Facility and the balance of plant.
Installation Contractor means a business under contract with a homeowner, nonprofit organization, State or local government, or another business for the development, installation, or financing of a purchased or leased clean energy conversion system.
Installation Contractor or “Installer” means the General Contractor retained by the City, under a separate contract, to install the isolation and modulating valves and related equipment supplied under this contract.
Installation Contractor means an installation company, close corporation and/or sole proprietor selected and appointed by the Purchaser pursuant to a separate procurement process undertaken by the Purchaser, to undertake the management of the Installation of Baseline Systems for purposes of the Social Programme of the National Water Heater Programme;
Installation Contractor means the Person(s) contracted by the City to construct the facility, and install the equipment and materials supplied under this Contract;
Installation Contractor means the General Contractor retained by the City, under a separate contract, to install the sluice gates and related equipment supplied under this contract;