Supplier/Contractor definition

Supplier/Contractor means the individual, firm or company with whom the contract has been concluded for supplying the Goods and Services under the Contract. The Supplier/Contractor shall be deemed to include its successors (approved by the purchaser), representatives, heirs, executors, administrators and permitted;
Supplier/Contractor means the bidder whose bid has been accepted and shall also include his successors and assigns, agents and representatives.
Supplier/Contractor means a person, company, organisation, partnership or entity that carries out the business of providing goods, services, materials or works, which may be required by the Authority from time to time.

Examples of Supplier/Contractor in a sentence

  • Pursuant to Section 290.560 RSMo, Supplier/Contractor shall employ only Missouri laborers and laborers from nonrestrictive states except that other laborers may be used when Missouri laborers or laborers from nonrestrictive states are not available, or are incapable of performing the particular type of work involved, if so certified by the contractor and approved by the County.

  • Further, any additional liability of GST (later on due to wrong mentioning of GST rate, mis-interpretation of HSN/SAC Code, etc.) over and above as charged in the invoice shall be borne by the Supplier/Contractor.

  • Reply from concerned Vendor/ Supplier/Contractor/ Consultant shall be examined.

  • If the Supplier/Contractor has opted for the Composition scheme of GST, the same must be clearly specified with valid Declaration & Certificate from Department.

  • The Purchaser requires its suppliers and contractors to strictly comply with all applicable legal requirements relating to their activities and business environment and the Supplier/Contractor agrees to comply therewith.

More Definitions of Supplier/Contractor

Supplier/Contractor means the successful tenderer to whom the contract is awarded.
Supplier/Contractor means the individual or the firm supplying the goods and services as incorporated in the contract.
Supplier/Contractor means and include any trading concern, firm, company, association under taking manufacturer and/or any other organization furnishing the bids under the specification. In case any order is placed under the specification, the word “SUPPLIER’/ ‘CONTRACTOR’ shall mean and include the successful bidder(s) and shall include his/their representatives, successor and assignees on whom the order is placed.
Supplier/Contractor means the individual, firm or company with whom the contract has been concluded for supplying the Goods and Services under the Contract. The
Supplier/Contractor means the natural person, private or government entity, or a combination of the above, whose bid to perform the Contract has been accepted by the Purchaser and is named as such in the Agreement, and includes the legal successors or permitted assigns of the Supplier/Contractor.
Supplier/Contractor means the person whose Bid has been accepted by the Owner/Project Manager and the legal successors in title to such person who satisfies the qualification criteria set forth in the Bid Documents.
Supplier/Contractor means the successful Bidder(s) to this RFQ who enters into a Contract with the City for the Goods and or Services requested in this RFQ.