Sub-Contractor definition

Sub-Contractor means a person other than the Contractor’s employees, engaged by the Contractor who provides goods or services to the Contractor.

Examples of Sub-Contractor in a sentence

  • The employees of the Contractor and the Sub-Contractor in no case shall be treated as the employees of the Employer at any point of time.

  • The same provision will also be applicable to Sub-Contractor of any spares by the Contractor or his Sub-Contractors.

  • Lump Sum Services - As detailed below The Associate/Sub-consultant/ Sub-Contractor acknowledges that under the present Contract/Agreement/Work Order/Arrangement, WAPCOS is only working as intermediary between CWC being Principal Employer/Client and Associate/Sub-consultant/Sub- Contractor.

  • The Agency/Contractor shall not appoint Sub-Contractor to carry out any obligation under the contract and under such case agreement will be declared as void and such act of contractor will be taken as breach of Contract and resultantly his Security Deposit shall be forfeited and contract shall be terminated.

  • Neither the Contract nor the name of the Company shall be disclosed to any third party or used by the Supplier or any Sub-Contractor for advertisement or publicity purposes without the Company’s prior written consent.

More Definitions of Sub-Contractor

Sub-Contractor means a third party directly or indirectly contracted to the Contractor (irrespective of whether such person is an agent or company within the same group of companies as the Contractor) whose services and/or goods are used by the Contractor (either directly or indirectly) in connection with the provision of the Services, and “Sub-Contract” shall be construed accordingly.
Sub-Contractor means any person named in the contract as a sub- contractor for a part of the works or any person to whom a part of the works has been sub-contracted with the consent of the Employer’s Engineer and the legal successors in title to such person, but not any assignee of any such person.
Sub-Contractor means each of the sub-contractors listed in Framework Schedule 2 (Sub-Contractors) or any person engaged by the Supplier in connection with the provision of the Goods and Services from time to time as may be permitted by this Framework Agreement;
Sub-Contractor means any person on whom preparation of any design, or supply of any Stores and Other Service(s) is subcontracted directly or indirectly by the Contractor and includes its legal successor or permitted assignees, and unless otherwise stated, all the Sub-contractors and suppliers to such Person and the term Sub-Contract shall be construed accordingly.
Sub-Contractor means any person other than the Supplier, who is a party to a Sub-Contract and the servants or agents of that person;
Sub-Contractor means a legal entity approved by the City that may undertake the execution of a part of the Work pursuant to an Agreement with the Proponent, and may include both “brokers” and “Sub-Contractors”.
Sub-Contractor means any person, firm or company under the Contract to the Contractor to perform work or provide professional services and/or supply goods and includes any other person or persons taken as a partner or director by such person, firm or company during the currency of the Contract and the surviving member or members of any such firm or company.