Installation Site definition

Installation Site means the site at which the Product is originally installed.
Installation Site means the specific Customer location where the Software is installed.
Installation Site means the Customer facility identified in the Order Schedule where the Customer Computer resides.

Examples of Installation Site in a sentence

  • If requested by the Purchaser, the Supplier will comply with the Purchaser’s security procedures for access to the Installation Site and the Equipment but shall not be responsible for any delays resulting from delays in obtaining access.

  • This includes but is not limited to heat load calculations, air flow and system balancing.This Express Warranty does not apply to any Product installed at an Installation Site outside Australia.

More Definitions of Installation Site

Installation Site means the business premises at which you install the Software.
Installation Site means the location identified in an Order where the Licensed Products are authorized to be installed and used;
Installation Site means the locations designated in the Delivery Schedule, contained in the Project Management Plan of the Contract;
Installation Site means a site suitable for the installation and operation of the Equipment as specified by Buyer.
Installation Site means the location or facility identified in an Order at which the applicable Products will be installed.
Installation Site means the ship-to address or other location identified on the RSA quote or other document prepared by RSA as the site of installation and/or use of a Product, or a subsequent location approved by RSA.
Installation Site means the Customer facility identified in the Order Schedule where the Customer Computer resides. 2.6 “Lease License” means a license of short-term duration (often a year). The license term of any Lease License acquired by Customer shall be set forth in the Order Schedule, and if not specified shall be one (1) year subject to termination as set forth in this Agreement (and auto-renewal, if any, as set forth in the Order Schedule). Unless otherwise stated in the Order Schedule, for a Lease License, Maintenance during the license term is included in the Lease License fee. 2.7 “Maintenance” means software maintenance and technical support as described in Section 6.1 and 6.2 of this Agreement. 2.8 “MSC” means XXX.Xxxxxxxx GmbH or one of its subsidiaries from whom the Software, Maintenance and/or Services is ordered. 2.9 “Order Schedule” means an MSC Order Schedule (or other order document) agreed to by Customer and MSC, and which incorporates this Agreement, by reference or otherwise, and sets forth, among other things, the Software, Maintenance and/or Services ordered. 2.10 “Paid-up License” means a license which has a term beginning on the date specified in the Order Schedule and continuing perpetually. 2.11 “Services” means training or other services, if any, purchased under an Order Schedule.