public authority definition

public authority means any authority or body or institution of self- government established or constituted—
public authority means any of the following—
public authority means any housing authority or any officer who is in charge of any department or branch of the government of the city or state relating to health, fire, building regulations, or other activities concerning structures in the city.

More Definitions of public authority

public authority means the government of any country or sovereign state, or of any state, province, municipality, or other political subdivision thereof, or any department, agency, public corporation or other instrumentality of any of the foregoing.
public authority means any governmental, quasi-governmental organization or any statutory body or duly authorized organization with the power to enforce laws, exact obedience, and command, determine or judge.
public authority means a public authority within the meaning of section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998;
public authority means a Minister of the Crown in right of the State, Government department, State trading concern, State instrumentality, State public utility and any other person or body, whether corporate or not, who or which, under the authority of any written law, administers or carries on for the benefit of the State a social service or public utility;
public authority or “authority” shall mean a public authority or public benefit corporation created by or existing under any State law, a majority of whose members is appointed by the Governor (including any subsidiaries of such public authority or public benefit corporation), other than an interstate or international authority or public benefit corporation.
public authority means any supranational, national, regional, state or local government court, governmental agency, authority, board, bureau, instrumentality or regulatory body.
public authority means public authority within the meaning of s 4 of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Xxx 0000 (Vic), including because that entity has functions under this VET Funding Contract relevant to s 4(c).